Why do these things happen to me?

Hi I have this problem and I need ur help.
Today I just got asked out by this girl and I want to go out with her but there is one problem, my cousin is going to start stuff if I go out with her.
Everytime I get a gf she starts to act depressed because she has no bf and is jealous of me so then my whole family blames me for her beign sad.
Whats worst now is that that girl is my cousins friend so she think if I go out with her she is going to lose a friend.
So I am scared that if I go out with that girl then my cousin is going to start and the same thing is going to happen again.

So what should I do?
I don’t wanna say no to the girl because I like her but I don’t want my family being mad at me.

Do you just say, “I’ll get back to you,” when you get asked :stuck_out_tongue: Honestly, just say yes and let your cousin get over it. If you’re happy, she ■■■■ well better be happy. Also, aren’t the GUYS supposed to ask the girl.

Because you’re alive and are ignorant of what happens to every person on the planet.

I told her I have to think about it and she knows why but I just don’t want the same thing happen to me again.

Go out with the girl, let your cousin deal with it. It seems like her feelings are purely selfish, there is no need to honour that kind of behavior.

^but my family will frown upon me for making her feel sad.

My best advice would be to stop thinking so much and do it. Thinking doesn’t help a whole lot it just makes small things get bigger.

What McGuffin said let her deal with it she has to learn to deal with these things some time.

^^^i agree with McGuffin.

I, too. Go with McGuffin.

ok i’m going take Mcguffin advice.

So what? They’re blind to the fact that your cousin’s desires are selfish and not fair towards you.

Ask yourself this question: why should you go out of your way to please people who won’t go out of their way to please you?

Too many people go through this life trying to please people who don’t deserve it. I know family is family, and they’re most definitely very important for you, but it’s time for them to wake up and smell the coffee if they expect you to make unnecessary sacrifices for them.

This is so ridiculous. I mean soo just becoz ur cousin is single, u r supposed to be single as well,…Dangggg. Tell ur cousin to grow up and stop acting like a whiney child. I’d say if u like the gal , then go out with her and dont worry abt your cousin who apparently hasnt grown up! :

How old is your cousin…? That inmature.

Like I said forq- do it :slight_smile:

What if you two go out, fall in love, get married and are together for the rest of your lives?

Chances like this you cannot let pass by. :slight_smile:

^ ohh comonnn dude. he’s just a kid…right now he needs to just chill out and NOT think abt marriage and all…that can come later on:)

^yeah, he should enjoy being young.

Oh, I thought he was older. But anyways, my point is that things like this you just can’t pass by. There is too little risk and too much possibility.

…you know of course that it’s common policy to post a picture of the girl in question :stuck_out_tongue:

The anticipation of death is far worse than death itself.

Be a man and go out on a date with the girl. If someone isn’t happy in your happiness, they do not deserve your care. Simple.

I mean, you care so much about not hurting the feelings (which isn’t hurting in anyway, anyway!) of your cousin and then you worry about your parent frowning. I’d say take an overdose of this tablet called PHUCKITOL 500mg. You’ll be just fine.

(Please don’t ban me mods, I had to do that. It’s a local joke in my college :P)