Important event of 2003

What do you think was the most important event in 2003.

I know a lot of you guys would say Iraq. So I’d like to see 3 important events.

Let’s go;

  • yeah, the Iraq-matter :cowboy:
  • the explosion of the Columbia
  • The SARS-virus, which made a lot of victims

Arnol president of clifornia
First Chinees in space!
The birth of Are new Prinses: Prinses Catharina-Amalia

Hotest summer ever!!!

and the new Pirelli kalender. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lord of the Rings

Almost at Absolute Zero…Almost

Ben/Jennifer & Ashton/Demi


wow! did not know they came that close…

When can I get one for my keg-cooler?



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Almost at Absolute Zero…Almost

That’s interesting;

Absolute Zero gives an super-conductance.

Is absolute zero achievable?

I say no. But, they can get pretty close. And who knows that within a number of years, they actually can?

I’ve learned in physics that super-conduction would be at absolute zero, but i’ve learned that that isn’t possible. Because nobody reached the absolute zero, being -273?

Quit an interesting subject.

500 picokelvins is pretty close…

who knows how much colder we can go…


Appart from being able to create the coldest popsickle ever :sure:…

I think China’s mas mission was important… Iraq… The Earthquake in Iran, Sars… not much of leathlity, but just shows how an outbreak can spread.

  1. Capturing Saddam in a little 8 foot hole. I think it’s funny to see a man who thought he was greater than everyone else found in a tiny box underground with a pistol, and he didn’t even try to fight back. Also, the fact that we caught him alive. Any one of those soldiers could have pulled the trigger, but the US showed again why we’re NOT ruthless killers, and that we do believe in liberty and justice for all.

  2. FBI probe into the workings of the Mayor of Philadelphia, John Street. The man has been doing backhanded stuff since he was in city council … perhaps they can catch them with something. Correction: HOPEFULLY they’ll catch him on something.

  3. Anti-spam law passed in the United States (to start Jan. 1, 2004). Perhaps this will give us all a little bit of relief from these **** e-mailers. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

Stopping Light.

Actually slowing down a light beam to a speed of 0, then restarting it back to full speed.