Includes Shockwave 3D and Flash Movies

Hi there, here is the link:

I’m new here and I just found this forum thanks to Google. Anyway I have been building my own Website lately and it’s way over due. If you can take the time out to view and give me feedback, ideas, opinions and any thing else that is constructive then I would really appreciate it. The site layout is still going through refinements but it is generally how it is meant to be.


Very nice stuff, but there’s one thing though : the navigation isn’t very practical. It’s hard to tell what’s clickable and what’s not… But the overall design is really nice, and that 3D explosion looks really great !
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ilyaslamasse, Thanks for the feedback and complements. i took out the bars that looked like scroll bars and that should help.

there will be some more movies to go with the explosion as well soon.

cheers _greg

Looks fantastic. Very good site, you are quite talented.

Hey, that looks terrific. There’s one more thing : that background image that changes colors. It looks awesome (even though the second -green- is a little too flashy for me). Do you mind if I take this idea for my site ?

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Bolero2000 - cheers!

ilyaslamasse - Go Ahead, u can’t use that green though cause it’s gone :slight_smile: