hello kirupans. it is now 6:13 am on saturday morning. i have been awake since 12 pm on thursday. i think thats about 42 hours. wow. am i going to bed now?
nope. im going out to get hot dogs. because i have insomia!!! weeee!!! its kinda fun, after the first 40 hours you start seeing funny little gnomes. i call them the flash-a-gnomes cuz they sit on my keyboard and giggle when i flash. and sometimes they dance on it so i get lotsa typos. hehe. my friends are taking bets now to see how long i stay up. whats the longest any of you guys have stayed up? sorry if this is a stupid thread. my brain forgot common sense 13 hours ago. :beam:

lol gina…

4 hours is the longest…

hhahahahah. you mouse turd

its 4am here. still me no sleep

a casual observation… the less i sleep the more my left elbow hurts. does that mean i’m typing too much? has anyone else ever gotts HLED (hurtie left elbow disorder)

Mine is 25 hours :slight_smile:

steals a flash-a-knome :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Soul :s:

i was a wake for 49 hours once. towards the end i felt my head was going to explode.

its ok, i got lots :beam:

maybe its different for us all, you get exploding head, i get exploding elbow?

could be…i remember that my eyes were swollen and i almsot felt drunk. everythingt was hazy and my motor skillz were terrible

why did you stay up so long?

no real reason. spent the night at friends house. played gta 3…oh crap wait i took speed pills i think…well caffeine pills what ever. i was really hyper for a while. i think i threw up towards the end of it.

hehe. caffine pills make me barf too. i tried em a few years ago in finals week. ugh. my computer screen is wavy and in 3d. its super cool.

Nasty things. Just drink coffee. (and if you say it’s not strong enough, you need to try one of my coffees. :slight_smile: )

sleep deprivation is an interesting experience. I’ve never managed to stay awake into the full effects of it. Once I came close when I was tripping. I think I was up for about 72 hours. After that I don’t remember much. I could have been up for 96 hours for all I know.

lol… when i was younger i used to consume a lot of caffine, so in order to get a real caffine boost, i made “Golgi’s Get up and Go super rocket fuel”
it had espresso, mocha, tons of sugar, milk, and a secret ingreditent. man that stuff could even make my hair curl more. but now i don’t have caffine very often, so even a small half cup of coffee gives me the jitters… whoo…

almost 48 hours!! no exploding heads yet… and my elbow feels surprisingly numb, almost,… yes… even comfortably numb

man i have been barely sleeping for a while. like maybe a few hours at most. but i got a headach casue i useually sleep 10-12 hrs

i once stayed awake for two days straight. it wasnt pretty. we played old dos games all night and sat around outside all day.