Me eyes!

they hurt. i get pain behind my eyes. does anyone else get this after they are on the comp alot?

I get it if I’ve not had sleep, no matter what I’m doing to cause that. Had 2 hours sleep today… uggggg!!

that could be some of the cause of my foul disposition.

The more you sleep, the more you’re tired, I always say.

Besides, you’ll get all the sleep you’ll need when you’re dead. :slight_smile:

Here’s an interesting article on sleep just in case you thought you MUST have eight hours a night:

lol, very interesting article.
i love how they say people who sleep longer (than 8 hours) “tend to die sooner”. the way they put that is just humourous. anyway, i thought my 5-hour sleeps were pretty bad, guess not. my worse case scenario was no sleep at all (party). i almost instantly got sick the following day. it’s kinda weird, but it seems the less sleep i get, the better i feel when i wake up…then again, i’m really fatigued during the day.
anyway, sleep is good. as a matter of fact, i’m getting a lil tired right now…*thud.