Iranian Earthquake

I haven’t seen anything here yet, but that was a devastating earthquake. Unfortunately there aren’t the same codes for buildings in Iran as in California so there has been massive amounts of damage.

I hope anyone with family in Iran has heard good news that they are ok.

2000 dead

edit: forgot a zero 20,000 dead

2:(,:(:(:frowning: dead… i heard that sad sad shocking news on tv yesterday, it’s heartbreaking.I hope everyone on forum and their family is doing fine.

That number is alsmost hard to even fathom.

I mean I grew up in a town of 20k people or so. It’s hard to imagine the whole town dying.

It’s very sad.

yea i know what u mean…natural disaster like these are capable of finishing the whole country and the way things are going allover the world…nuclear wars and global warming…we humans are just preparing ourselves for biggest natural disaster of all…i hope we dont go that crazy…

back to the topic : i think the reason for somany deaths is the construction and matrial used over in asia and middle east to make the buildings…houses are made of bricks, cements and wood is just used for doors and furniture…cement and other stuff are meant to give more stabality and support to the structure but when it falls it takes down everything else with it…it just makes rescue operations a very difficult job.

I really think earthquake prone areas should change the way to make buildings and houses.

a hard lesson learnt?

Actually, the city of Bam was almost completely constructed out of clay, since it was built before Crist I believe. All they did uptill now, was renovate the buildings over and over again to preserve it’s cultural and historical values… which turned out to be desastrous.

20,000 dead… And the Iranian authorities say the number will most likely still increase… It’s hard to get how much people that is…It’s like Stalin said: “One death is a tragedy, a million deaths a statistic.”


Seems like that whole corner of the earth cant catch a break, Iraq is at war with people dying everyday, nature takes 25,000 thousand plus people in Iran, Syria has a constant stream of terrorist attacks, makes me very happy that I am able to enjoy the company of friends and family during the holidays, may peace be with all the survivors, and friends and family of those lost.

Enjoy the presence of that annoying brother, the bothersome mother-in-law, and that wierd friend that won’t shut up, you never know when they may be lost.


My family is not from the Bam area. I’m sure I have some family friends type of family with family and or friends in the area. 25k is just hard to comprehend. I double checked and the town I grew up in only had 10k people.

yeh its a big shock, 25000 ppl… havent had a recent one in the 5 digit zone

yeah my family caled they said they were alright
i was quite relived.

The death toll is still rising :frowning: Now at 28,000…

Also, I’ve read on a Belgian newssite that an Iranian official has stated that the number of casualties might go above 50,000

I know its apreaing to be worse and worse everytime i turn on my television.
I feel really sorry for all the victims and relitives

ya know, I live in an earthquake infested portion of this Big Blue Marble…

I’d much rather live every day in fear of earthquakes, than live somewhere the Earth is allergic to mobile homes…

That said, 28k people is astounding. The images of the Millennia old Citadel literally flattened… words cannot describe…


Yes this tragedy is beyond comprehension. 2000 year old structure stood the test of time. This alone have played a big role in high fatality. Here is a link to some pictures, mainly the historic section of Bam. I hope he publishes the rest of his 2000 pictures.