IsAnyone Using Mozilla

Hi everyone,
I am using Mozilla as me default browser first time i opened a message for “flashplayer 6 needed” was displayed i had installed it still when i clilck on the tutorials the samples are not shown. i would be reall glad if someone from you can help me.


did u restart ur browser after u installed flash? :-/

Of course man
i restarted me whole computer.

hmm, could u tell me the operating system ur using and ill tell u the instruction how to uninstall the old Flash and re-install the new one! :slight_smile:


i ran into the same exact problem. so i said forget it and stuck to IE.

Midi Thanks for telling me to run away but dont you think eridicating a prob is much better

anyways h88 i am using Windows XP professional (any thing now)

cool, check the site and uninstall the flash player, then re-install it back:

Hope this helps!


i dont know, because MOZILLA is a netscape based browser, i dont think to highly of it…

I have been using Moz for both my PC and Mac for several months now. It has been quite flawless.

When I installed the Flash 6 player (on my Win 2K machine), I vaguely recall being asked which browsers I’d want the players to be installed. I only had Netscape and IE to choose from, I checked off both. It worked fine after that.

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**i dont know, because MOZILLA is a netscape based browser, i dont think to highly of it… **

got that backwards Mike… Netscape has been on the Mozilla based engine (the name escapes me at the moment) since beginning.


I had the same problem on my iMac at school.

I uninstalled the Flash Plug-In and reinstalled it and it worked fine.

Hey Rev… did you mean Gecko? (the name that escaped you)



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lots of fluids, aspirin, lots of vitamin C, lots of sleep, etc.

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Thanks rev… er “mom”…LOL.

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Thank you guys
the uninstan and the install thingy worked really fine.
Thank you for your help