Mozilla - Slow with Flash

Is it just me or is everybody experiencing that.
I have Mozilla now, but I am using IE, only got Mozilla to beta tst sites,a nd it doe sthe same crappy job that NS did and also does weird forms…:run:

:bad: I like the idea, but thats about it.

It kept giving me errors with any type of Flash. Not sure why. I’m going to stick with my Avant Browser… :slight_smile:

Jubba teh Hut…I am sticking with my IE…it works :trout:

Avant IS IE. Its the old IE OPERA add-on. It has all the features of Mozilla… pop-up killer… tabbed windows… and it just adds-on to the existing IE… its graet. I’m glad that i found it… never go back to regular IE…

I will check it out Hut.