Mozilla vs IE

i’ve been usin’ IE since… well ever,
but yesterday it completely went nuts, i ran antivirus, Spybot and nothing, it still works but everytime i close it theres an error

since i don’t want to make it the big deal i’m thinkin’ on install mozilla.

i know some of ya guys uses mozilla, do u think it’s way better than IE or should i try to fix it???

:slight_smile: i won’t ever mention netscape :slight_smile:

If you have another option than IE, go for that option, believe me …

Mozilla is WAY WAY WAY better than IE. I’m sorry for shouting, but IE just plain sucks… it’s not standards compliant, it crashes all the time, it’s not very easily extensible, etc, etc…

Mozilla on the other hand, is extremely standards compliant, very stable, and is easily extensible :wink:

I know which one I’d choose :slight_smile:

well hell i can’t find any other good one, any ideas?

I prefer IE. Mozilla I have as a backup but IE just features more and most web pages are built to at least look right in it. If you cant debug our issue though, Mozilla would probably be the best alternative.

Right now I’m using MyIE from
Pretty cool mod based on the standard IE

Mozilla is also great.
Opera crashes to often when you look at Flash pages.

actually the prob is on a website that should display video on a flash window, but all of a sudden it wont work anymore since yesterday and using mozilla didn’t fixed it…

thanx c!rYx

that looks neat i’ll give it a try now!!

ARRRGH i can’t use my yahoo toolbar on any browser than IE and its still most custom than the rest… i think i’ll stick to the old IE until i get a mac…

curse u bill gates :frowning:

I dont think its a browser problem. I sounds like a web page problem. Fix the web page if its yours, or just never go there :crazy:

This MyIE browser is pretty cool indeed ! Thanks c!rYx :beam:

i wish i could just not to go there… but but…

what the hell i’m not going there anymore!!!
argh **** webcams…

also check out Avant…don’t know the link of the top of my head. It runs of the IE engine but has tons of extra features, like tabs, etc. I am using Firebird now, jut because I like it more.

I’m using Mozilla Firebird. It is much much better by means of online surfing. The only problem I have with Firebird is the Flash, they don’t come up sometimes.

*Originally posted by njs12345 *
it’s not standards compliant, it crashes all the time, it’s not very easily extensible, etc, etc…
I dunno about that information …

I have never had web sites not work right in IE, and it’s one of the few browsers out there that handle CSS without having to crack them. Sure it crashes sometimes, but it’s not frequently that it does - at most I’d say 2 times every 3 months or something for me, and I use the Internet every day.

I have never had serious issues with IE, and that’s well enough for me to keep holding on to it.

Ive been using Mozilla Firebird for a couple of months now and i think its much better than IE. The only problem is that some pages doesnt display correctly.

i dont know but the google and yahoo toolbars don’t seem to be useful on any other browser than IE,
actually the lest buttons i have the better and i need those few to be really worth,

check this:+)

that’s all i need

I like the built in google toolbar, the tab browsing and the popup blocker featured on Mozilla firebird.

i like how you can move seemlessly from system folders to the internet with IE…it’s really handy sometimes

i’ve tried using mozilla and opera before because people keep telling me how great it is…i just don’t get it really. a lot of pages look screwed up when i view them in mozilla or opera (especially if they use CSS).

i suppose if i would have grown up using mozilla or some other browser i would like it better, but for me, i would stick with IE if i could.


man… if you dont want to use IE (which I dont find to be at all bad) use Opera… Mozilla is teh sucky… I really really hate it… we have to use it on our linux machines at university… and… it’s just pants.