It has been a long time

It has been a long time since I have been around these parts but I am back. Kirupa can I get the title Titoqan it is Nez Perce slang for Indian (Native American that is). Am I the token Titoqan?

Thanks Matt

Hey Matt!
Glad to see you here :slight_smile: I assigned you your title. It should work…I hope haha.


Even I remember your name, does that make me an old timer? So does it?

long time no see-or as the fisherman said as he dropped his watch into the sea, long sea, no time…

Kirupa-Your going to charge him a membership renewal fee like you did for me, right? I think it was 19.95 for 6 months, (150 hours a month) yea, yea, thats the ticket! :lol:

hey… if he’s getting paid then all the mods want to get paid too.

This is ModU#352… represent. :wink:

What’s going on Matt… it has been a while.

Sorry I forgot about this thread, and then I noticed that my title had changed, and I was enlightened about my bad memory.

One reason I have been gone is that I got laid off from work (I had DSL at work and got spoiled not having it at home) and just have not been back. By the way I am a landscape architect, and flash is just a hobby of mine. A couple of weeks ago I started to put my portfolio together using flash and will be sending it out on cd. I have had a couple of questions that I needed help with and have been helped.

Thank you all.

I am converting my portfolio for the web by making it smaller and internet friendly, so when I am done with that I will post it out so that you all can give me a thumbs up or down.

Thanks again everybody!
Matt the Titoqan