Its not done, but open to suggestions!


i made that yesterday. does it remind you of


Yes, it does remind me of “this?”.

IMO the opening animation is weak, the H thingy w/e it is, that has welcome in the middle doesn’t make to much sense. Welcome is also to close to the borders of the middle part of that H which makes it look worse.

I think only your profile works, and when it loaded I saw some kind of funky shape tween… what was it? How is it relevant to the site?

Keep on truckin

yeah, i didnt finish it yet. i just wanted to see what to fix up before continuing it.

Yea I agree with simplistik.

No offense, but I just sometimes can’t stand animations that take that long to say welcome.

Only the navbar sort of resembles.

i thought it was pretty quick, originally the intro was supposed to last 70 frames, but i made it shorter. :mu:

Do you want a critique on your rip? Or the latter?


heh…its just for practice, i read a thread by a member here that they have done mock-ups themselves!

Who cares if Ingo made a mock-up? It’s a mock-up! I do mocks all the time. Just not whole sites. Mock-ups are for practice. 24-7media has a mock-up of that I saw that they posted in their portfolio, once again all to practice…

i believe that The Reefster posted that :mu:

Uh - okay? I didn’t say your site was a rip ;).

Theres nothing ripped about it.

I think your animations take too much time to play and lag.

Also your navigation motion isn’t smoothe. And of course it reminds me of “this” :slight_smile:

how should i make it smooth? i put easing on the frames and everything, i dont know what else to do :frowning: