Just out of interest, how old is everyone here?

Dont ask why im askin this, but id really like to know how old every one is, in and around kirupa.com, and where they come from. ill start…

UK , 15 years old, well not old, young.

unfortunately no-one can be…told, what the matrix is…

I’m 15, Canada represent!!!


17 years old: Birmingham, Alabama, US :slight_smile:

31.5/M From the North American North East coast.

I am 30 and representing the Native American People.
Ta 'x



Beat you all: 36, Paris , France…and still getting older every year :wink: …who cares…
This topic was already up in this page-long thread going by “Just a simple question about everybody”, or s’thing like that…

26 Oklahoma City, US

15, U.K - east yorkshire. York to be percise

yeah eyez this has been done… it was ages ago! but still here

Im representing in the dirty dirty south (AZ) and I’m still a 16 year ol’ young loc!

didnt lie… 19 [near detroit], Michigan… rough town… lots of bullets. =]

luky i got out and didnt get lead poisoning if ya know what i mean.

Happy New Year

lol happy rhyle? biig change

Detroit What, Detroit What, Detroit Baby! Hell yea, represent…yea, it should be a thugged out place where you be…Time to move to west coast…Long Beach!


South-Eastern Ontario, Canada.

icumehoo…where did u live in detroit?Street?

im 16

Hey tdfwrestling, nice to see someone from yorkshire up here on the boards. Im 15 aswell, and also from Yorkshire. Amazing huh?

god loves ya dudes

Uber Noobie

USED to live guys… i be movin on up, i lived with my parents and they were kinda poor. used to live near the corner of mack and chalmers [when i was real young]. then near harper and jefferson… then nearer to harper and 16 mile [by the lake]. im not fake guys. =] i know my area.

i now live in Farmington Hills. love it here. big house, nice neighbors. they dont like “black people” like me though so i had to kinda squeeze my way in. i think they are warming up to me now. took me four months to get a mortgage since they are kinda looking down on us brothas.

why the sudden interrest? proof? fine… the police chief of new haven michigan for 25 years now is Doug Moore. go check and then PLEASE JUST BELIEVE ME. man… people hate on ya for the bumbest things nowadays. peace guys.

EDIT: im not going to tell you my street. i think i named off a few too many landmarks and things. dont wanna get shot up =]

@#%$ you…you must have known I was gonna bust ya in a driveby…I was almost there! :slight_smile:

ROFL… walking up to my home in a suit now instead of the blue’s, and in a ncei hood not [near] detroit is much nicer. I was jokin with that guy about gross pointe park… nice area. what is it with people and automatically thinking you are lying about everything? no idea.

i had a SIG Sauer P226 with a mk23 silencer threaded onto it… sweet weapon. i loved it. they made us get rid of silencers though. sux. nowadays people would shoot ya just the same without one so i dont see why. its got all the trimmings. never failed me yet. im looking into a new H&K USP .45 with competition ‘Match’ barrel extensions. ever heard of it? two toned. its the same gun that Lara Croft uses in the movie tomb raider. sweet weapon. hers magically have infinite ammo though. heh, so bring ur drive-by. if u bringin anything short of a mac-10 u r limpin home. heh. i love guns. got a small arsenal goin. im lookin into the new sniper rifles that have the electric firing system now. smooth. when u pull the trigger it fires an electrical charge into the barrel and sparks the bullet’s primer. no jerk form a hammer… no time wasted. its funny, you ahve to have a key in it to fire it. like shooting ur car =]

Yeah…I lived in detroit [on Lakepoint in some aparptments]
then i moved in to a dif house on lakepointe with my cousins then i moved again got a house on beaconsfield…