Just walk away

Alright I have a tip when you’re programming (or designing, but happens more often with programming, at least with me it does.)…

When you’re trying to code that actionscript function or some code that you need, and you cant quite get it right… Just walk away for a few mins, clear your head and come back…

take for example, me.

I tryed all day to code this peice of flash for work, and i worked and worked and workd, and was very frustrated cause the darn thing wouldnt work… so i tool lunch (very late today like at 2p,) and when i came back, i looked at the code, and it made no sense so i deleted it. Within 10 mins or so i had the darn thing working the way i wanted to!! Thats even more frustrating lol…

So today’s lesson is, Just walk away when you come back you’ll be able to code again! =) lol

ok just thought i’d share =)

How true it is…

Sorry it took you this long to have that epiphany… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


lol the sad part is, i keep having the same ephiphany lol

But i forget and then go thru the ordeal again…

o well =)

sounds like a short term memory loss due to a chemical inbalance… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

solution: add more chemicals… :stuck_out_tongue:


lol Caffein goes in, Programs come out. lol =)
i like that, im gonna use it as my quote! =)


Note: spelled “caffein”


Geeze I cant do everything! lol

jk =) thanks!

No worries… :-\

that is what anal retentive pastry chefs do…



Dont know how many times I’ve experienced the same thing… sometimes you just need to STOP! and take a break.


I totally agree with you guys. Most of the time if I cannot just get it, I will either go somewhere else (if I’m not at work) or start to work on something different if at all possible.

I cannot count the amount of times I have been either driving home or laying in bed trying to sleep when all of the sudden that idea or answer I have been looking for all day hit’s me right in the face:)

Exaclty, but my motivation and dedication to get it right forces me to try things over and over and rethink and rethink, make it work lol

what i ussually do is, it doesnt work, so i try something and it still doesnt work, then i add more thigns, and by the end of it i have code like this :

if (corn = 9* (beans) + 2 = 2.3 * 4) {
string = play.movieclip.play.movieclip.play();
for (i=0; i = i; i**){
substring(string,i 7)


"Why cant i make 1 + 1 = 2?! " lol

And thinking about finding the answers driving home, i jusrt did that. lol

The bad thing is, when something bugs me that much, i think nothing but code lol

if someone askes my name i go thru this subroutine:

if (getName(_self) != false){

for(i=0; i < len(Darrel); i++){

mouth.say(sound(substring(person.name(darrel), i ,1));

if (mouth.say = darrel){


HuH!? backs away slowly

rofl raydred

As for your epiphany, I could have sworn I just posted a thread about this exact subject three weeks ago. :slight_smile:

Oh wow! this ties into our Deja vu thread lol =)

thats cool, i realize now we all go thru this all the time lol =)
I thought i was a moron for not programming so well lol =)

but i realize, im not a moron, just the same as everyone, smart yet cant figure the dam thing out lol

I remember that thread david.

As for leaving it for a little while. Since I code at night (they call me the vampire coder…mmmmmwwwwahahaha, well not really), when I get in a rut I tend to just stop and sleep on it and it comes to me in the morning.