kForum Meetup: Kirupa + Krilnon


Close readers of Kirupa’s blog might have noticed that a kF member would be visiting him earlier this week. Though no one was able to guess who it would be, I really did meet up with him! :stuck_out_tongue:

After getting off of the subway, I made my way towards his dorm and met him outside. He was probably glad that I wasn’t wearing a Kirupa.com t-shirt :sure: as he gave me an excellent tour of the campus. I was also shown around several research labs.

We mainly discussed MIT and CS, as that was the point of my visit, but the forums/site/blog came up more than few times. Kirupa has a really neat Macromedia-themed water bottle from a few years ago! [whisper](Kirupa also revealed his secret plot to ban all of the members with an ‘e’ in their username.)[/whisper]

Near the end of the second day, I finally remember to have a picture taken of us as proof, here it is:

Just in case anyone was wondering, Kirupa is every bit as cool in real life as he is on the forums! :beam:


While posting a new topic based on a meetup with @krilnon and @templarian a few days ago, this came up as a recommended topic! It is crazy that this was so long ago haha.


Yeah, time flies! Still can’t believe you’ve updated this over the years that everything is still pretty much intact. :nerd_face::tangerine: