kForum Style Contest

Hey everyone!
Since there was some interest in having a contest for creating new forum styles, here you all go: http://blog.kirupa.com/?p=193

The rules are fairly straightforward. Create a customized header and include a mockup of the color scheme for the forums that will use your header :slight_smile:

Therea re more details of course, but that’s everything in a nutshell.

Kirupa :cowbell:

What do you mean by silk icons?

http://www.famfamfam.com/ :slight_smile:

Cool cat

I take it it’s okay to submit styles whenever we want too, right ?

Second tiny question, do you have any way of retrieving colors from the old styles ? Some css file hanging around ?

Can’t wait to see the new submissions.

Might be helpful to provide your logo as a download.

Man, if i wasn’t so busy already I’d probably submit something :frowning:

Lets extend the deadline until September… of 2010

Simp - you can just right click on the logo and download the GIF. This site doesn’t actually have a logo, so people are free to use whatever they want for displaying the kirupa.com link :slight_smile:

mlk - yep, submit whenever you want to!