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       by kirupa  |  23 April 2007In the previous page you copied/pasted a few more circles, made some scaling changes, and more. In this page we'll wrap this tutorial up and take a step back and review some of the interesting things you learned. An optional step is for you repeat the above Copy, Paste, and Scale process to have a lot more circles populate your screen. Feel free to adjust the transparency for your circles as needed also.Here is how my Artboard looks like after having copied/pasted and altered a few more circles: [ adding and modifying a few more circles ] The final step is for you to preview your application. To preview your application, click on the Project menu and select Test Project, or you can also just press F5. After a few seconds of building your project, you will see a Windows window appear containing your project: [ your finished product ] By now, you should have created something that looks like the above screenshot. In creating that, you received a quick overview of how to create a new project, resize the window, change the background color, draw shapes, change the outline, and more. The key thing to remember is that this is an introductory tutorial. As such, there were a lot of details that I did not cover. For example, in the tutorial you only changed the gradient colors. The actual gradient feature allows you to do much more such as allowing you to add more gradient stops and even reposition the existing gradient stops. Likewise, the treatment of the alpha channel using the Opacity Mask property is only part of what you can actually do. Future tutorials will focus more narrowly on specific features and hammer out the details in depth. For an introductory tutorial, the goal was to have you create something cool looking while getting a broad overview of some of the drawing features in Blend. Got a question or just want to chat? Comment below or drop by our forums (they are actually the same thing!) where a bunch of the friendliest people you'll ever run into will be happy to help you out! When Kirupa isn’t busy writing about himself in 3rd person, he is practicing social distancing…even on his Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. Hit Subscribe to get cool tips, tricks, selfies, and more personally hand-delivered to your inbox.  

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