Another one: Even the Swift 3D logo is the same, and the tutorial has been only slightly modified. Sigh - when will they learn =)

Kirupa :alien:

They even copied Kit’s tutorial on Line Art, with her drawings and everything…

what a lameoid…


Actually, almost all of the Flash tutorials are copies from this site…even Phil’s search engine submission section. Hehe, even the thanks page has been directly copied with some minor modifications :slight_smile:

But he says in the first FAQ, that he created <u>all</u> of the content, so it is okay for anyone to use…

This kinda thing makes me want to go visit their server with a baseball bat…

All sample files provided here in GGs Place are free for use and are NOT copyrighted. Should you find something here you wish to use on your site, DO so. Since I created it, here is my written permission.


at least RenGirl gets a mention…



Woah, a total ripoff, If the tutorials are copyrighted as well as the site, then we ought to send that guy a message explaining how we could harm, just a thought.

haha, yeah - I wonder if ren actually knows this person. Oh well, they reap what they sow :bandit:

EDIT: H88, I just sent a casual e-mail telling him that I noticed this ripoff - let’s see what the response will be.

I left a small doo doo pile in his “guestbook”

just to satisfy my emotions on his site…



haha, I thought you were John Q. Public :smirk:

Oh good, we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed the ripoff.

Aye, that’d be me matey!

How about if we each go add our own little mention of how much of a thief and loser we think he is…

You know, leave about 30 or so messages on his guestbook calling him a thief…

just a thought…


Let’s see what his response to my e-mail is - maybe somebody else “claimed” to have done these tutorials but gave the host full rights to use them. It could have been like the previous scenario where the owner is oblivious to the content…though I strongly doubt it in this case.

If the response isn’t great or if I don’t get any response, then we can discuss what to do :skull:

Kirupa :evil:

*Originally posted by reverendflash *
**You know, leave about 30 or so messages on his guestbook calling him a thief… **

He would definitely delete them, anyway, I’ve set my own.

And kirupa, I doubt that’s the case.

Asphalt has just drawn my attention to this… I’m now fuming. :angry:

Yeah, I’m pretty ticked of as well. Getting the design copied is one thing, but actually copying information verbatim from the site, making a few minor cosmetic modifications to make it look “original”, etc. really annoys me.

bah! GG stands for Geordie Girl! she’s British!?! erk! /me thinks that there might have to be a fight between her and our resident champion kit :wink:

btw k-man: this is a useful site (if you havent seen it already):

Bloody Geordies… :scream: <b>Gets on train</b>

I’m not standing for this. :angry: It’s not just my work, it’s everyone elses’ who’s contributed to Kirupa as well. :scream:

Thanks asphalt - I’ve submitted the links to their editors :slight_smile:

what is a Geordie?

::should I know this?::


nps kirupa, ma man :wink:

rev - from… oop North… newcastle :slight_smile:

hi! you suck arse tbh! bloody geordies!

[sarcasm] those are some interesting tutorials you’ve written there - how long did they take you to do? and wow! those drawings are really good! you are indeed a flash goddess! well done!!! your family must be very proud of you! [/sarcasm]

god**** theives… “I wrote these all myself” - did you bollocks :slight_smile: