Kirupa Forum Glitch?

I can see this, but only in Alex’s thread.

Whoa … I see it on his too …


awww, i dont! i feel left out…

Do i win a prize or something?

I think you should.

A date with Kit … or Phil?!

Issued an Internet Violation to Alex

Hey man … cut Al some slack - he’s got one great avatar, you have to at least admit that!

alex’s avatar does rock!

Alright, I discovered the cause of the glitch. Believe it or not, it was actually ahmed’s post. His footer has some code that messes with the table on the page.

haha! Really? That’s pretty strange/cool…

that’s amusing! (-:

lol sorry guys it was just me fooling around with my newly-learned css skills, i just wrote a floating <div>, is all :smiley:

*Originally posted by t3h t3rminator *
**Issued an Internet Violation to Alex **

nice :stuck_out_tongue: