Kirupa Tutorial Analog Clock

Does this flash file load for anyone? I have tried loading the file on several different computers, and it doesn’t seem to be loading.

Works fine for me. What version of Flash do you have?

Flash player 7. The load bar at the bottom of the IE browser is still loading from the time that i started this thread, and i’ve tried accessing this page at several different locations

i’ll see if it works with netscape browser once i get home :slight_smile:

works fine. and a nice one :wink:

Works ok for me. :slight_smile: I am using the Flash v7 plugin for mozilla. (Firebird)


Works were here also. Try clearing out your Temp. Internet Files and viewing that page again.

ok, thanks, then i’m pretty sure that it’ll load on netscape then. I’m just curious why it wouldn’t load when i accessed the site in two different locations. Thanks anyways. :slight_smile:

it worked, thanks :slight_smile: