Why in the @*#& cant I upgrade graphics drivers

OK, I have a dell Inspiron e1705 laptop with a go7800 128mb Nvidia card in it. Currently it is running the 79.xx drivers. Well I need to update them. I go to nvidia and grab the latest forceware drivers which is like 85.xx. Now I check the compatibility and all that good stuff and everything checks out. But yet when I run the installer it says cant find hardware compatible. Now this is where it may get a little weird and I am not sure what is what. When I check the properties of my vid card from the device manager my vid card says go7800. Cool. But when I go to get my drivers it doesnt give a option for a plain old go7800, it says go7800GTX. Not sure if that is the issue. But it says it should work with my card when I check the requirements and and manufacturer for my laptop.

Confused, and greatly hobbled because I need to use LW 9.3 and have the new OpenGL 2.0 support :frowning: Please help.

OH btw more stats on the computer.

Windows XP
2gb RAM
1.88GHZ dual core processor
bought about 2 years ago.