Kirupa... would you...?

now say if a big hi flying company came and said the want to buy kirupa off you, the site the lot… but once they do this you wouldnt be able to have a say anymore… but they were offering you alot off money would you except?

just remember that once they get there hand on it they’ll prolly butcher it and make people have to pay…

would you?


I’d sell it… but I’d be sure to tell people that if it turned to @#%$, I’d be opening another site somewhere else. :slight_smile:

money is money

Depends how much money I was offered. If my website is good enough to be bought out, odds are I update it regularly. And if I update it regularly, odds are it’s one of my main pass-times. And if it’s one of my main pass-times, odds are I enjoy maintaining it. How much would you charge if you were to sell your favourite game if you knew you could never buy a new copy?

And if I were to sell it, I’d probably make relatively identical (the archives and design would have to be different, but still the same idea) website and let the people know that that’s where I’m going. For example, if I was Kirupa, I’d sell and make somethings like where you can find convenient tutorials for Flash 4, 5, MX, Dreamweaver, etc. and I’d continue it as though I’d never stopped working on

Hey all!
That’s a good question. It all depends on how much they were offering, but I highly doubt I would allow them to take full control of the site. I would still like to have control over content and such. The buyer would usually be smart enough and ensure that I don’t use this content on another site that I may create :slight_smile:

After all, look what happened to after it got sold to some company. Yeech!


As long as you didn’t use the same archives you’d be allowed to. You’d have to make all new tutorials. They can’t stop you from ever making a tutorial website. They can only stop you from copying and pasting to a new site.

virtual-fx was sold ?? When ?
pom 0]

About a year or so ago; some company called usa-america is running it or something. Don’t know for sure though. That’s what their site shows.