Hey everyone!
When you all get a chance, check out this URL: and this one:

Is that not the most blatant ripoff of this site’s design? I’ve e-mailed the webmaster about this. He couldn’t even create his own animations :slight_smile:

Kirupa :asian:

Blatant. :angry:

Hasn’t even bothered to change the colours or anything…


If he doesn’t reply soon, I’m going to send this to and have them add him to the plagiarizer list: (scroll down toward the bottom)

I am actually more amused than upset. Now I know how the people at 2A feel hehe.

Kirupa :thumb:

hmm… we could start a kirupa war here… hehe.

True, now you have the claim to fame of being ripped off just like 2A. :smirk:

The most amusing thing is that he obviously thought no one would notice.

Kirupa, you could seriously sue him. Or if you don’t want to be mean about it, at least get a lawyer to send him a cease and desist letter. I’ve been studying up on copyright law for the last week or so… hehe.

haha, its practicly the same but still feels alot sh i ter…

its funny to see people ripping peoples websites and so blatently failing…

go for the kill K

well then you see that the design and all the stuff is you’ve done is sooo good that otha ppl can’t do that so they have to rip but still makes me mad! And that nickstealer who stole my nick is soooooo laaameee! This makes me get a heart-attack at the age of 14!

I sent him an email saying I knew his site was a ripoff… hehe. You guys should too.

Ye let’s make his mailbox full of messages saying “WHAT A RIPOFF”!
Can’t there be a privacy policy or sth? actually I don’t know what a privacy policy means to don’t laught it it wasn’t the thing I meant! License or sth! =)

All designs/content on the internet, regardless of whether a copyright notice is displayed or not, is copyrighted by the creator of the material. Of course, this site does mention Copyright 2003, etc, etc. :slight_smile:

Lava, no I’m not going to sue him or send a letter from a lawyer - this is no real biggie; just a minor annoyance. The design, even after the ripoff, doesn’t really look all that good anyway =)

Kirupa :ub:

my word exactly kirupa… :slight_smile:

thats terrible! How did you find the site anyway?

Bollox to whether or not he’s smallfry, you should hit him with everything you’ve got. Ones creative talent and skills should never be so blatently copied. This site is awesome, no one should take any part of it away from you Kirupa, esp. the design.

You really should take some action against this loser.

(this sort of thing really upsets me BTW.)

:angry: [COLOR=orange]the[/color] [color=red] angry [/color] [COLOR=orange]orange one[/COLOR]

well you ppl are too good-hearted! I can’t stand those kinda ppl!

*Originally posted by Syko *
**well you ppl are too good-hearted! I can’t stand those kinda ppl! **

yeah, they p*ss me off so much. They are just theives.

kirupa should have the moto take only memories… HAHA :slight_smile:

Or we’ll set Mak on them. :slight_smile:

hahaha K-man I dont think you have anythign to worry about - his looks like a 12 year old boy who types with his toes did it compared to yours :slight_smile: I guess being copied is the truest form of flattery but it still stinks!

How did you find it?

*Originally posted by Syko *
**well you ppl are too good-hearted! I can’t stand those kinda ppl! **

well, that´s coz you´re a syko :wink:

i feel bad for this guy, i really do.

he doesn´t have the capacity to make a good design on his own, and he doesn´t even have the capacity to make a decent copy of someone else´s design.

poor kido :frowning: