ok now i remember, this thread needed a bump anyways

you removed flix from but not from …its listed in the link to forums, its the very last one in the list

ah, good eye there mak :eye:

eilsoe said you wouldn’t add evil violent smilies…i am a bit disappointed :frowning:

the program that i’ve used is Teleport Pro. It’s changing all the links in the site, so that u can browse on your computer without problems. And about that broadband, it ayn’t downloading the site over and over again, it’s just updating it. And thank you 4 not getting upset Kirupa.

I’ve mailed (Kirupa) once, but i’ve received an automatic response.
I just wished him Happy New Year and all that and i wish you the same to all of you too.

that would be all 4 the moment … i think

i’ve already said this 7-8 posts up.

The site that i’ve downloaded has about 28 mega bytes
1400 files 92 folders
it’s the main site and the tutorials, and i don’t know how many of the source files.
it doesn’t have cause it;s an other site

Wher kirupa is updating the site, what’s he modifying ??
I mean, is he deleting tutorials or other “important” stuff 4 flash-ing, or is he just correcting bugs and adding new things, because I wouldn’t link to lose something interesting in that site.


is offline ???
it doesn’t work to me

That is odd, it is downloading portions of the site. Did this happen after you started downloading again? The server does restart if the load gets too heavy - maybe your downloading may set it off.

Kirupa :moustache

aalucarD, are you still downloading portions of the site? If you are, would it be possible for you to pause and see if the site works? Just wanting to know if you downloading isn’t the issue.


hey kirupa…
when i was here, i noticed that my icon wasnt working neither was the others working.

i hate when things happen and there hard to fix. on my site yesterday, i was messing around with my intro page and i did something wrong and every time i uploaded it, nothing would show up on the entire page. finally after 2 hours i got it back on line . i dont no about front page any more, i am still saving for macromedia and also i need to save for my car:sure:

Hey alex,
The reason is that those icons come from the main site’s server ( Alas, that server is down right now…and I haven’t done any major updates to the site that would cause problems.

Kirupa C:-)

Hey Phil,
It normally shouldn’t do that, but I have experienced that sometimes when I try to copy files/folders to my HD for archival purposes. It is not bandwidth, but probably CPU/sys resources. It takes a good chunk of resources to copy and send a lot of files that are not cached. If he is copying files that are beyond .htm or image files, they may not be cached and cause some slowdown.

It is quite possible it isn’t him also =) It could just be that the servers at are down lol.

Kirupa C:-)

When ever i try to update my site i allways do something stupid and do something wrong. and i end up spending 2 hours on a 15 min project. lol i guess its just bad luck.

lol No alex, its called experience the hard way…your learning by your mistakes which is best way to learn…the message/solution stays in head if you spend 2 hours on it instead of just reading a tutorial and forgetting the concept a day later. besides, everyone starts somewhere, when you gain experience, 15 min jobs will be 5 min jobs :slight_smile: just have faith

It wasn’t my fault. I just noticed the problem. My site’s last download is before the New Years Eve, that thing on the index page says Merry Christmas. And i’ve downloaded the site only twice + an update. that’s all. and it was before the 27 th of december.

Humpty dumpty sat on a wall…

Thanks aalucard =) Just wondering if that may be it.

Kirupa <:}

hymmm i dunno what yall are talking about. This joint always works fine for me. C:-)

I forgot to mention … my connection’s top speed … is 6 k/s … so … with this speed i don’t think i could take all that bandwidth …

How or where could I find a 100% Flash counter 4 a web page.
I first wanted to make a counter that would count the clicks on a button. If u can tell me both … i’ll be very happy :))