Thank you Kirupa and all the moderators

I really want to thank Kirupa for all the efforts and having a heart to help people like me to learn Flash and Actionscript.

I love the way you write tutorials. Your humourus style and simplistic approach has definitely made life easy in learning Actionscript.

God Bless in all your endeavors. And also blessings to other moderators and all who help this little guy out there.

Kirupa God is smiling on you with all the passion and effort you put in your work.


Glad you like it here ! :pleased:

Yes, Kirupa really rocks. It’s amazing how much help you can get here. I wish to add my thanks too! Keep up the great work, guys!


Thanks for the nice comments. Glad you found the content useful and the members helpful (and funny!) :lol:

you think kirupa paid this dude to say this…lol


lol…1 post…1 rump buttering.

j/k…I am glad this person digs the site…and I as one of the most AS challenged mods.

Thank you Kirupa and all the moderators

No credit for the normal users eh :bad:
I say kirupa and the mods all paid this dude to say this :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, the K-man has done a great job and service to many people. But let’s not forget that he is not alone in this, and I don’t just mean the Mods.

Yup, a lot of contributing members are thank-worthy :slight_smile:

ahum…thank you…


Yep, this site isn’t run by kirupa and the mods, it’s run by every member who actively participates in a positive way. That is what makes this place so great, having a group of people who are willing to donate their time to help others.

Yup. Mad props y’all! :stuck_out_tongue:

:love: :thumb:

by the way Kirupa never paid me anything to say that. He is a miser. (just kidding) anyway.
Thanks Kirupa for responding

Sends another suspicious bag of money to where samkm70 lives :slight_smile:

2 posts…2 rump butterings…I see a pattern…lol.

**waits in bushes for K to bring out bag “o” money.

**waits in bush behind DDD’s bush for DDD to steal K’s bag ‘o’ money.

disguises as gardener and pulls out massive chainsaw to trim the bushes