Kirupian Storm Trooper

I don’t know - maybe I’m having a bad night or my **** XP is on the blink again … Nero has hung up on me twice tonight - it burns the cd’s alright but at the end I get the wonderful “Not responding” message and I have to restart my comp and it is such a pain in the rear, grrrrr!!!

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Pinx: if you analyze the story - all of them are cheesy (good against bad and so on) but the effects are magnificent :sigh: :beam:

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sorry i meant episode II. all the lovey dovey stuff is just too much.

I absolutely agree - and what’s his face who plays Anakin is so absolutely false at times it just gets on my nerves to the point I wanna knock his block off … :stuck_out_tongue:

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yeah, star wars is kewl. Are you going to make an Ewok? that would be so kewl… ewoks are kewl…

Good morning (It’s 9:30 AM here) No prob - so now there’s a Darth Vader and a Kirupanator in the works - I will try and get them up by tonight … jeez I’m sleepy and I am so not in the mood for work :sigh: … yawn (real big one too). :beam: I’ll see ya later when I get the first one up… Oh BTW Phil, I’ve asked Rev if I could be the Minister of Propaganda but have not received a reply yet … :(…

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I love the pixel Jedi!! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Kajinku - wait till you see Darth Vader :evil: :beam: . I’ve been looking at so many Darth Vader pictures that I have a sudden urge to watch the Star Wars series again :stuck_out_tongue:

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Enter Darth Vader - stage right :beam:

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YES! Great work ma’am :beam:

You have to be carefull - when you show this board you have some great skill such as yourself - everyone want’s a piece! Just ask Mario Fan and his smilies of people, we ALL lined up to be recreated digitally :slight_smile:

Tahnks a million :beam: and I would be happy to give everyone a piece … of MY TALENT (for those with questionable imaginations :P)

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ok ok, so how about we switch movies now and you make a hobbit, possibly frodo. yeah!!!

Oh - u mean the big hairy feet thing :P. First, I’ll finish the Kirupinator - (request from Phil) but it’s still a change of movie :beam: and then I’ll start on Frodo.

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yay FRODO!!!

ooooooooo, when your done with frodo can you do a gandalf?? please please?

gandalf old version or new version. i liked the gray gandalf better.

gandalf the rainbow… :wink: he can have dreds and a tie die robe. hey, which reminds me, where are the hippy kirapa smilies??? we need a good tie dye hippy.

Thus the list gets longer … so this the order at the moment (please confirm :P)

  1. Kirupinator
  2. Frodo
  3. Gandalf the Grey or the White or the Rainbow?
  4. Hippy Kirupa smilies (could you be a little more specific please - have mercy on a poor soul who just completed a full day’s work and then went for a 4 hour interview)

Thank you all…

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hehehe. no rush. :wink: take all the time ya need.

as for hippie i’m seeing this:
little rasta hat, dreds, and a little hand making a peace sign.

or a little peace sign necklace. or one of those big funky tall hats in a tie die color. (like dr seuss hats)