Kirupian Storm Trooper

In reference to the world domination discussion under ordered - Iraqi Oil … , please find attached the KIRUPIAN STORM TROOPER (I know - I’ve lost it :crazy:). BTW - My second pathetic pixel art trial - first pathetic one is in Drawing and Design :beam:.

D :stuck_out_tongue:

I have discovered that this is a helluva lot of fun!!!

lol, that’s awesome.

Thanks, glad you like it - I am going to make an army of them :beam: :crazy:

D :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahahaha - that’s great work man :slight_smile: ahahaha excellent!

Hahahaha… thats so kewl, you should make a jedi or something like that…

Well, thanks all … I can’t believe u actually like it… oh and for the record, SureShot, that should be ma’am :flower: :beam:

Jedi … mmm I’ll c what I can come up with maybe the entire Star Wars cast in pixels :P.

D :stuck_out_tongue:

takes his hand off his mouth, grabs his leg and yanks foot out of mouth:trout:

Sorry - please except this :flower: as my peace offering… :beam:

Peace offering accepted :beam: . Right, I’ll be back in about an hour or two with a Jedi

D :stuck_out_tongue:

oooo ooo ooo!!! another girl!!! another girl!!! wooohoooooo!!!

hiya demonia. :beam: nice trooper btw :thumb:

Hya golgi. Thanks a million … YES, another girl, we shall soon take over this male world (forum) :evil: mwahhahhaha :beam:

hey, the boys are ok… i guess… well…
ok, ok, who am i kidding, CHICKS RULE!

*Originally posted by golgi *
oooo ooo ooo!!! another girl!!! another girl!!! wooohoooooo!!!

I second that, more girls! :beam:


  • Soul :s:

This forum is being taken over by both Canadians and Females - looks like the minoritys are in line for a huge overtaking :slight_smile:

Here it is - the JEDI… whatcha think?

D :stuck_out_tongue:

eee! that is so cute! :slight_smile:

make a darth vader!!

haha thoes are pretty cool.!

Ok, Darth Vader in the works. I told you guys that I’ll end up doing the entir star wars cast :beam: . I’m happy cause I’m kind of a Star Wars nut…
I’m really glad you guys like em. Gives me such a warm feeling inside :P.

D :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Nero Burning Rom is the WORST program on this planet!!!

wh00t? i love nero!! why dont you dig it demonia?

well episode I wasn’t all that good. too cheezy.