Kobe Bryant Case Dismissed

Wizard… where do you live?

So what happened exactly? Did she drop the charges or was he found not guilty of charges? :h:

She changed her mind about testifying in court, for whatever reason(behind the scenes agreements I would guess) but the civil lawsuit will go ahead. I don’t know what to make of this quote, not knowing the details

Aaaaaaaawww. He’s such a good boy :love:

I hope that was sarcasm.

Aaaaaaaawww. He’s such a good boy :love:

Originally Posted by Kobe Bryant
"I want to apologise to her for my behaviour that night and for the consequences she has suffered in the past year," said Mr Bryant in a statement issued after the case.

“Although I truly believe this encounter between us was consensual, I recognise now that she did not and does not view this incident the same way I did.”

translation: I raped her and paid her off cause I’m a coward. Such a coward in fact I couldn’t apologise to her in person instead having to release this statement

did this idiot really think releasing a statement would help this girl or even show him in a better light. If anything it’s done the exact opposite.

[s]OHHHHH! thats why!

Now it all makes sence!!

I was thinking, who would support rape!? But now that you said that your a lakers fan ofcourse that’s ok!![/s]


Wizard, you need to give up watching tv for a couple of years.

On the other hand, she might totally be after his money, for all I know. I mean, it’s not like it never happened before, right? Or maybe it’s just in the movies :h:

Sounds like you will be paying Wizard a little visit? Let me know what happens.

No one knows what happened in that hotel room, so why do you assume rape. It could be all about her lusting after his $$…the guy is loaded after all and calling wolf in the form rape is a fairly easy way to get it. I mean…if I just got raped, I wouldnt go sleep with someone else right afterwards, thats for **** sure. I think she backed out of testifying because there whole case was on thin ice from the get go.

I am glad that Kobe got out, for his accuser’s credibility is shaky. If she did sleep with other people after Kobe’s supposed rape, then she is the one that has issues. Either way, he cheated on his wife. Way to set a good example to the millions of impressionable fans! :ogre:

[size=1]EDIT: Rabbell - just read your now deleted post. I agree. If he did rape her, then he should pay the consequences for it. I just don’t think that he raped her, but I’m only speculating.[/size]

yeah but so what if she sleeps around, so what if shes a slut, doesn’t mean he can rape her…

to be honest I know nothing about this case, just whats been written here today but I have a strong feeling he’s guilty, especially when you read that statement of his.

[s]Yeah, a man who has (most probably) raped a woman and betrayed his wife!

Where can I join his fan club?[/s]

yeah I deleted it cause admittedly I don’t know to much about the case so I shouldn’t probaby say anything…except I think he did it.

she did sleep with other people after Kobe’s supposed rape, then she is the one that has issues.

To me, this gave the whole case away… What kind of chick gets raped, and then goes out and has sex with other guys, BEFORE going to the authorities?? If you guessed ‘Lying Money-Grubbing Slut’, than you won!!

This thread has grown a little bit since yesterday… and no, no one’s going to be paying me any visits. :ne:

Whether he did it or not it doesn’t matter now, because it’s all over.
I am simply looking forward to the season and am not looking back at what Kobe might’ve done off the court.

I am a Kobe Bryant fan, but even more I am a Lakers fan :wink: .

Give up watching tv? That’s what the off-season is for.

What sux is that he had to submit a written apology basically saying he raped her. On the other hand he had too much money to go to jail. And the public ridicule and death threats. I would have dropped the charges too. Not to mention the DA/Clerks made sure there would never be a fair trial. I believe in innocent until guilty, but I really dont feel like the justice system was full intact on this one. Anyway I am glad he is out in the clear I want to see the Shaq-less Lakers get ripped, with the “so-called” next Jordan.

Lol, Laker-haters make me laugh :lol:

Win or lose, they’re still my team… that apology was strange, and like many people are saying, very carefully written.

I haven’t heard people call Kobe the “next Jordan” in a while, but if he excells (sp?) this upcoming season then expect to hear that again.

Dont feel bad wizard, I am a Detroit Piston fan and had to wait 10+ years to stick my chest out again. And we also had the next Jordan for a minute. I hope Kobe does well.