Kobe Bryant Case Dismissed

Whether you’re a sports fan or not chances are you’ve already heard the news: Rape charges against Kobe Bryant have been dropped.

Yep, happened a couple of hours ago and I, being such a big Kobe/Lakers fan, could not be happier :hugegrin: .

This thread does not belong in the Ordered Forum because I am not asking for serious responses, I simply wanted to let you guys know and if you have something to say about it (serious or not), go right ahead.

yeah!! I just moved from Cali to Chicago, so there isnt as much press here about the case, glad to hear he ducked the whore who wanted his money!


Yay! One more athlete who promotes infidelity and taking advantage of women is free!!! Yay!!

i wonder how much she got paid.

Actually, he’s not going to do any time, but a Civil Suit (I believe it’s called) is there… which means she will get some money from him. But I am not saying that that was her intention all along, I’m trying to be fair.

I hope his wife dumps his butt now. Hope you didn’t need that 30 million dollars Kobe. Man is some skanky girl really worth that price??

thats good news for the lakers organisation. cant wait for the new season!! :beam:

Like (Jay) Leno said: “She’s gonna have to give him that ring back.” :wink:

And yes, it is great news for the Lakers. :thumb:

I saw that a couple hours ago too, while looking for more information on something else.

Go Lake Show!!!

Yay! One more athlete who promotes infidelity and taking advantage of women is free!!! Yay!!

Cmon Ethan, as an overpaid proffesional athlete its his job to give us scandals and lawsuit entertainment.

I know what was I thinking. Sorry go back to the regularly scheduled support of a truely admired role model.

I always thought he was innocent - Kobe has been my faviorite NBA player for 5 years now, and when I first heard about the rape allegations I always thought to myself that he didnt do it. And now finally the case has been dropped and my day has gotten alot better.

2005 NBA Season - Kobe will domminate - MVP as well… I HOPE


The case being dropped doesn’t exactly mean that he didn’t do it… still, I could not be happier :pleased: .

Wizard… that is a very odd statement.

How’s that?


Basically you said… well he could still be a rapist but I’m happy he’s free!

Lol… actually that’s exactly what I said. :wink:

But I said it from a Lakers fan point of view.

just goes to show money can buy everything…car, house, respect, freedom…everything except love apparently :wink: