Laglouz is back...fullscreen mode

LaGlOüZ SyStEmS V.2

Please no insults about fullscreen.
works ie5+, NS7, maybe some others.
rez.1280*1024 (otherwise you probably will see a popup in french language asking to change the rez…You might find it quite rude)
flashplayer6 + sound plugged

some bugs have been reported when using modified browsers.
all criticizes and suggestions are welcome
have a good day.

i am not sure the full screen is a good idea. it stated to lag my computer. also, when i am viewing a site, i like to talk to people on aim, i couldnt when your site was on, i got out fast because my computer was goign slow at the time due to all of the programs i had open.

please alex…

do not frighten other visitors


oh, i didnt mean harm, i was just suggesting that the full screen idea is really not to good in my view, its just my opionion though,

I am gonna have to give the full screena thumbs down. Everythign looks sweet, I just dont like it taking up my entire screen. I like the bee in the bottom right. Very cool.

Well !
the fullscreen is off, the remaining chromeless window too
a 1280*1024 window is still underpopping from splashpage OnLoad

if U don’t plan to see it 1280*1024 i suggest U don’t check it

Way to big… took me a while to scroll the window down my screen to get to the exit button!

Wow, 1280*1024… You should change the size… Especially if its a web design company because you will find less client who can’t even view your site.

I went to check it out but the main page loaded underneath the first opening page and then all i saw on the page was a bee on a (cool by the way) hive background. Is that all there is suppose to be for now? Now my monitor for the computer I am using right now actually only reaches 1024x768 or whatever that setting is but that shouldn’t have affected what i actually see visually on the screen should it…i did move the window around to see the bottom and i could see the bee but no items on the screen. And maybe have a setting to turn down or off the bees lovely humming as i can see some of your viewers leaving because of this.

I like the hive bg and the bee is cool, sorry if i just happened to look at your page while you were in the midst of changing some stuff or something but it sounds to me like im not seeing something that everyone else is…

:love: ~ Seretha

I’ll check it out again when im back on my normal computer.

your resolution is too hight. my native res. is 1024x768 and i can’t put it higher and that’s why i can’t see half of the page which makes me close it. and believe me, i know many people who still have 800x600 so what would they do???

I thank you all ave been away for a week and now back to work
i’m about to transform the whole stuff into 1024*768 so most of people can view it…i’ll post something when i’m done.

well it is repaired, redesigned and in english
thanks to check it.

kool man, but it’s not a fullscreen anymore? did i miss sumthin?
anyway thats kool man

nobody loves fullscreen, i’ll probably insert an alternative entrance in the splash for TV lovers…

wow, this is huge.:slight_smile:

how come its this big. i had to scroll alot to see the full image. 800x600 would look alot better. :slight_smile: but your getting there. :wink:

I just didn’t go to the site… full screen is bad… if you make a regular version, I’ll check it out.