Lamenting Flash, the steel highway of the future

The Japanese are good for one thing only, and it aint music.

<~Joking :wink:

Yeah, darn right : Sushi and cheap DVD players.
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I was thinking more sexualy, but hey, each has their favorites


Hey Pom…I have been a mod since June of 2001 and you are a semi-new member and you have a hella lot more posts than me…get out and get some fresh air…i swear you sit aimlessly at your PC waiting for a new post to reply to…im not dissin you but its just funny cause i just noticed your post count!

roflmao… Yeah… that’s our job. :slight_smile:

you have no room to talk upuaut…your post count is very sickening! lol…i swear you spent more time helping others with flash than actually doing flash yourself! But we all like your support uppy!

Check out my global posts, 12316 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice, Dan. Actually, I’m trying to catch up with upu but he seems to post 70 times a day. I can’t compete with that. I hope he breaks his ankle some day soon…
But it’s true that I’m very much into Flash… for now. That’s what happens we I start something : overwhelming enthusiasm. And what do you want, I like to help people (and be called a star also :slight_smile:
By the way, did you know that Ilyas is a saint who helps people out when they really need it bad ??

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AH!!! MC SOLAAR, good stuff. “bouge de là”!!!
i’m not such a rappa homey, i like my alternative rock.

Lets see what the cleaner listens to.
I played as a guitar player a few years ago, in a Pantera type band, played clubs with Alien ant farm, System of a down, 13a and manny other very good bands.

I do however get inspired by things like Dre, Snoopdog, DMX, Cypresshill, Godsmak to name a few, but I also was inspired by Garth Brooks and George Streight, and all the wonder in the world would never allow me to go one without listing to October project, Loreena Mckenneth, Dead can Dance, Tori Amos etc…

Now I guess After I am a run down Music Man (im my young 30’s), I can be inspired by Flash and ASP :slight_smile: and all of you.

oh ya and MMORPG and FPS :stuck_out_tongue:

If you could see the actual level of posts day to day, you might note that mine have gone WAY down over the last month. I feel very confident in the level of help that most of you give regularly, and therefore can now concentrate on creating tutorials and essays on Flash. Some of which are coming along very nicely. I really do appreciate it.

Did I write ankle ? I meant wrist… And Thoriphes, how the hell do you know MC Solaar ?? Bouge de là was actually his first single, but a lot of water has flown under the bridges (French saying) since.
And Upu, I’m waiting for your tutes impatiently…

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lol, not only do i know the song…i saw his music video for it too. these french artists really know how to make their videos (sarcasm).
anyway, i was in a french class and my teach decided to show us “French music” so she put on bouge de là. we couldn’t understand a single word he was saying (cause it was in french and we weren’t that good) but the catch line “bouge de là”. everybody in the class used it everywhere. good song, the french Vanilla Ice.

The Phrench Vanilla Ice ?? Why not Phrech Britney Spears while you’re at it ? Really, that guy’s real poet, and he’s made more beautiful (beautifuller am I tempted to write) lyrics in his song than any other recent artist, in rap or anywhere else. I wish you guys could speak Phrench so that you’d understand what poetry in rap means.

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Vanilla Ice… Pfff. I mean what did he do except that Ice Ice baby thing ? Can anyone remember ??

lol… that’s the way I feel about the folk artists. :slight_smile:

lol, calm down man. we couldn’t understand a word of french, more or less interpret a music video.

But Vanilla Ice… Come on !!
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yeah that’s pretty degrading :slight_smile:

ok, i’m sorry, maybe vanilla ice was a lil too much. btw, is solaar black? i couldn’t tell. (nothing racist, just curious).

Yep. He comes from a very though neighborhood, and hed some very controversial lyrics. Now his pockets are full, and he lives in the richest neighborhood in Paris, dates Ophelie Winter, and has become idle. snif
His recent records are basically crap. Makes me feel bad…

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