Lamenting Flash, the steel highway of the future

There was a time in this fair land when the railroad did not run,
when the wild majestic mountains stood alone against the sun,
long before the white man and long before the wheel,
when the green dark forest was to silent to be real,

The time has no beginnings and the history has no bounds,
as to this fervent country they came from all around,
they sailed upon her waterways and they walked the forest tall,
built the mines the mills and the factories for the good of us all.

And when the young man’s fancy had turned into his dreams,
the railroad men grew restless for to hear the hammers ring,
their minds were overflowing with the visions of their days,
with many a fortune won and lost and many dept to pay.

Well, not that many of you would understand the bizare thoughts that flow around my Flash addled brain at 5:30 in the morning, or for that matter that many of you would have any desire to listen to folk music… Me, I grew up on it, and it will forever be a part of what makes me, me.

This song I can listen to again and again, just for the message behind it, but this morning I listened to it and thought to myself how like those poor navies we are. We are laying down the railroad of the future. We ARE bringing the goods to a young growing land. We are working for peanuts and losing loved ones because our job takes that much from us.

Keep Flashing people… even if you listen to that crappy Rap stuff. :wink:

I listen to the Bee Gees…as well as Bob Dylan, REM, Enigma, and Classical lol. No rap here upuaut :slight_smile:

There’s some very good rap, you know ? From the States : Wu Tang, J. Rawles, Saul Williams.
From I don’t know where, and one of my favorite : Cypress Hill.
From my country : I am, MC Solaar.

Don’t generalize, please.

pom 0]

When it comes to the internet, i think Flash sites are the Porsches, and everything else is a volvo.

aNd all music is good. just not POP. For the love of Pete not POP.

I’l generalize all I want.

for the record, I’ve been known to listen extensively to Cypris Hill, Public Enemy, and quite a few other Rap bands. I still think it’s crap compared to some other music, but taste is subjective after all, and time breeds new breeds, so to speak.

Generalize to your heart content (???, that’s a French saying). And understand that I’m not so fond of rap. But some people are, and why not after all ?

pom 0]

I think it’s the fact that I have absolutely nothing in common with the streets. If I did then Rap might have a different effect on me. I’ve never heard a Rap song which made me feel like I do when I listen to Dylan, or Lightfoot, or some of my other folk artists.

All I have in 3 greatly influenced words:


His flows came from real life and not from thinking about the money he is gonna make from his CD’s!

i can relate to some rap, but thats only bcuz at my home town people kept pullin out knives on me. I was basically a magnet to switch-blades…it was unbelievable.

I like rap - but I don’t like any of the crap they produce nowadays. Nelly for instance is a joke! I miss the days when rap wasn’t all this bling-bling and that blang-blang. That stuff is ridiculous!

And Cypress Hill did rock the mic like a vandal!

I don’t know… 2Pac may have made some interesting music but he’s a f@%ing punk no matter how you cut it.

Maybe what my real problem with the whole thing (in general :slight_smile: ) is that I really really really hate seeing f@%ing criminals making more money than I ever will. And he was a criminal… that’s a fact, not an opinion.

the only thing blasting out my speakers are: J-rock, J-pop, Elctronic, Trendy alternative Rock.


You have broken the almighty rule…dissin Tupac is wrong, he is dead and if he was alive all ya’ll would be scared to hell to even tell him to his face that he is a punk ass. Try to grow up in the hood like him…how else could he get to the top, selling bibles…ummmm no! And he was even more of a so called ‘punk’ or ‘criminal’ when he was known as ‘MC New York’ before he moved to cali. Most people never knew that but i’m a hardcore fan lol! I still love ya upuaut…you gotta make me some meatballs and wine someday (or whatever that was that you showed us before)!


No I doubt that I would be frightened even to say such to his face. Either he’s got the intelligence to recognize big balls when he sees em, or I’d die as a martyr for my beliefs, either one I’m cool with.

As for the what could he do, growing up where he did, well now, he could be good and die a good man. As it is, he died with the death of others on his hands. If there is a hell, he’s there…and that’s forever, not some small little chunk of time on this planet.

I’m not trying to start an arguement here, but I do firmly believe that you should be a good person even during adversity. If I’m correct Tupac was a christian… nice to know that my point is proved once again… it takes a pagan like me to be a better man than a Christian.

Am I good? Am I blessed? No, not hardly, I’ve got my own problems and my own crap to deal with, but I strive none the less, and that’s all I ask from anyone. If you choose to be a criminal and use as your excuse, “oh, I would have been brutalized if I didn’t act this way.” Then your worse in my eyes than a punk who admits he’s a punk.

I don’t just preach it dan, I live it…

nuf said

and I still love you too, and Tupac as well, I just don’t have to bow down and kiss his criminal butt because he’s managed to get a couple gold records on the wall. I love all humans, but I still think his music sucks.

I hope that didn’t anger anyone too much, remember I’m 31. I didn’t say everyone should listen to what I listen to, I said I don’t like the music.

and what the hell does being dead have to do with it. He reapt what he sow’d.

Violence begets misery

dammit dan…you let uppy prove a point…why’d ya have to go an open your mouth! lol :slight_smile: just kiddin. I agree with all ya. i don’t like the fact that criminals make more than i ever will either. for instance, this guy i work with, hes a gang banger, he’s a theif and, well he’s a manager with me at McDonalds (wut a great corporation) and he’s going to sign onto a record label. and he’s going to have money. it may not be a lot but its more than i’ll ever see.

Violence doesn’t begat misery, violence begats violence.

Everyone who does something “bad” eventually justifies that it is a “good” thing. They have to, or else they wouldn’t do it. By sheer nature, we actually do want to do good. It just depends how we describe good.

A criminal probably finds it good to steal things to sell to make money to buy drugs to feel “good.”

A person like me finds it good to believe in something and capture that feeling and share it through design which to me feels “good.”

Being a criminal is easy. Destroying is always easier than creating.

And Jubba, stop being so down on yourself all of the time! What is to stop you from making that much money? You seem to have goals and practice the things you want to excel at (namely Flash) so why can’t you be an amazing Flash designer one day?

Secret of success:

  1. Find something you love to do.

  2. Focus on that in your life.

  3. Have faith in yourself.

Cliche, but true. Look at kirupa!


I still say Violence begets misery, but what ever else it may beget can still be there as well. :slight_smile:

Mostly you should all just let me be on this subject. I don’t fault anyone for anything they listen to. It just aint my stuff.

On Another Note:


lol :wink:

everyone ignores my Japanese music! cries