Last movie you saw/cd you listend to/game you played

How about some overall impressions of some of the latest stuff you have seen/listend to/played.

Movie - I,Robot
Awesome movie. The story is not that of a usual summer blockbuster - it requires you to use your brain :slight_smile: The acting was top notch and Will Smith really showed he can be very versitile and not just a butt kicking, smart talking wise ***. The CG was also just awesome - I couldn’t belive how well they portrayed emotions with the robots. Just awesome.

Music - The Roots “The Tipping Point”
A very talented Rap/Hip-Hop group release an awesome new album. This is a great disk and recommend it to anyone with a taste for hip hop. I have listened to the entire album 2wice now on my ride to and from work and plan on listening a few more times :slight_smile:

Movie: Training Day on DVD
It’s the millionth time I’ve probably seen the movie, but Denzel’s acting is great. This is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

CD: Pure Moods I
I bought this CD six or seven years ago, but found it again only recently. Some of the music here is really nice and relaxing!

Game I Played: Mechwarrior 4: Black Knight
I’m rediscovering all of the old games that I haven’t played as much. So I’m going through and trying to finish them off :slight_smile:

I-robot, dishwalla, halo

Movie: I Borrowed “Paycheck” from a co-worker and watched it the other night. It was probably one of the most predictable movies ever. It kept me mildly entertained for two hours though

CD: Disturbed - Believe

Game I Played: That griggin footer!..arggg!!!

Friday after next, echoes-pink floyd, championship manager 03/04.

Movie: Spiderman 2.
I’m a huge spiderman fan, specially the Spiderman Animated Series (1993-1998 i believe). I liked both Spiderman 1 and 2, and anxious for the next one. I’m wondering who will be the next villain…

CD: Story of the Year - Page Avenue
Great album… :thumb:

Movie: Hypercube. the sequel of Cube (for those who don’t know). sort of psycho/horror thriller. :skull:

CD: Boards of Canada - Geogaddi yum

Game: Medieval: Total War.

Moveh: Shrek 2. For the third time

CD: Spiritualized & Chumbawamba

Game: battlefield 1942 :beam:

Movie: Starsky & Hutch
Music: Dj Doboy - Vocal 3 mix
Game: UT 2k GOTY ed.


Movie Shrek 2 I think
CD My Chemical Romance’s old CD… forgot the name of it
Game Super Mario Bros 3

Last two cd’s i bought were

Beastie Boy - Licensed to Ill (1986)
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Mecca and the Soul Brother (1992)

Great albums :slight_smile:

movie: blazing saddles. it’s a classic, what more can i say?
cd: the anniversary - designing a nervous breakdown. this cd’s a few years old, but one of my favorites. too bad the anniversary broke up.
game: mvp baseball 2004

Movie(s): Dodgeball, Shrek 2, HP: POAzkaban, White Chicks - Saw them all in one day at the last day of school with a whole bunch of friends. Paid for one, sneaked into the rest :P.

CD: Eeeh, I hardly buy CDs, I just listen to a whole bunch of different single songs :).

Game: Currently playing GTA.III on Xbox :).

Movie: Spider-Man 2
CD: Tiesto - Just Be
Game: currently playing Ratchet & Clank (…again)

Movie: Rat Race
I think. It was on TV, I hadn’t seen it before. I love John Cleese. And Rowan Atkinson. And Breckin Meyer. :love:

CD: Rage Against The Machine - The Battle of Los Angeles
Never gets old. :slight_smile:

Game: Beyond Good And Evil
Not done yet. Had to return it to Blockbuster last weekend. :frowning: I’m gonna rent it again when I get home this weekend, hopefully I’ll be able to finish then.

ah, one of the best/only platformers ported to the ever great PC.

Fun game :thumb:

did you know there’s a ranking system on performance in the game? You get ranked among other players on time, completeness, etc. Pretty cool concept.

“Choose Moms Choose GIF”

Rofl :lol:…

That’s cool thor, I’d never heard about that before. I just found it on the official website as you were posting. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m pretty sure I’ll be somewhere near the bottom though, as I tend not to rush through the game in any sense and I think I have taken a photo of every single thing I’ve seen so far. :pleased:

**movie ** Ted Bundi
CD Created my own remixes, hav’nt named the cd as yet :stuck_out_tongue:
Game I Played A virus infected version of Halo and CS, they just killed my system… :frowning:

Movie: Um, actually half of freaky friday. I didn’t like it much. People told me it was good… before that, I guess Predator, the first. Want to brush up (er see them at least once ;)) before AVP
Music: I, also, don’t really listen to cd’s so much. Mostly individual songs. Right now I’m all about Teenage Fanclub - Star Sign. But I just bur–er, bought my friends cds, and I can’t wait to get my car back to listen to them in it. She gave me fountains of wayne, eve6, yellowcard, and the moldy peaches.
Game: Ugh, haven’t played a game in so long. Oh wait, Zelda, Ocirana for GC on the Master Quest a couple days ago. before that, that Ninja game in flash, I lvoe that thing. It’s so hard! I love threads like this!