Less Than Jake

hey folks just got hold of the new less than jake album its pretty cool not as good as their other albums but hey still awesome. Anyone else got hold of it. Went to see them as well last week awesome live anyway thats all I wanted to say.

Also do we really need that many sticky threads out of curiousity for the few people like myself on 800x600 res it hurts man. anyway Im sure ill cope


I don’t think the World Domination thread needs to be a sticky

  • Soul :s:

I will enquire. :slight_smile:

cheers kit i never really noticed how many there actually was till 2day

Less than Jake played dublin last night. A few of my friends went, said it was excellent. Real small venue.
Actually, sorry, it was the night before last

yeh it was the day or so after the 1 i went to they always play sdmall venues so that its cheaper which is awesome

i really want the new cd… i love less than jake
i just bought me friend losing streak a couple weeks ago…
ive seen them in concert once, and they were great, but it was at a big stupid mtv concert:(
I want to see them in a club or something.
go less than jake!

the small clubs rule losing streak is pretty good well prob the best

losing streak is by far their best album on a whole, but they are
really good. Great live too.

i dunno ive got 16 albums and there all great losing streak i prob listen to the most but that because I drum it alot along with hello rockview but pezcore is prob the best but then im torn between 16 albums coz their my best band