LG 20" LCD monitor

Hey all, I’m looking to buy a new monitor that will primarily be used for homework, some photoshop stuff and the occasional game, so I’m not looking for anything crazy. I’ve found this LG 20-inch for a decent price, what are your guys’ opinions on it?:

It has nice specs for a decent price, but I’m not familiar with LG’s reputation with their LCD monitors. Also, have any of you purchased an “open box” item from NewEgg before? The “open box” version is $160 compared to the [URL=“http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824005096”]regular version’s $220. According to NewEgg,

I don’t know if those risks are worth saving $60. Thoughts?

I have an LG flatron and love it, but if you can get a Samsung go for it.

Syous, why would you go for a Samsung over an LG?

Maybe it’s just me, but my experience with Sammy isn’t great. Their plasmas are hideous, and their LCD monitors are OK, but imo don’t seem to be quite as nice a picture as an LG counterpart.