Lightning Art

I was just wondering if anybody knew what would be a good program to use to create some lightning artwork I could use for backgrounds or to insert into Flash.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


PS can make some pretty nice things.

pom 0]

animated, or static?

Would be nice to have a flash script that would create it dynamicaly yes?

I’ve been thinking hard about how to do that, but as of now I can’t think of anything. Eventually maybe…once i have my other computer I can run more scripts. This piece of @#%$ i’m on stops responding when I do even the most simplistic @#%$. Oh well, one more day…

Actually, someone asked me for that a long time ago, and I came up with something, but that person came out with an even better solution. Which wasn’t so good, but still… Wanna see it ?

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i’d like to maybe i can improve upon it do you have the script or FLA or just the SWF?

fla. I’m sending it to you.

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Two ways:

  1. The hard but effective way: Just do a bunch of lines. Draw the bloody lightning yourself.

  2. The easy but less effective way: With Paintshop Pro there’s picture tubes that draw lightning bolts for you. Make your background a .gif or something, then have the same background with lightning bolts in it fade in and it’ll look like the lightning bolts are fading in. Except you’d want it to go fast, but you get the idea.

For proof that you can fade a .gif over top of another .gif and make it look like something’s fading in, check out <a href = “”>Pink Floyd’s website</a>.

thanks Pom I’ll take a look at it as soon as my girlfriend lets me loose.

Here, I whipped this together as a sample of how you could do it with .gifs…:
<EMBED src= quality=high bgcolor=#FFFFFF WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=400>

not bad LA. I like that…now if you could make that randomly appear and stuff that would be kool. That wouldn’t be too hard. I want to actually try to dynamically create it though i think that would be a nice effect for Kirupa’s open source if I can ever figure it out.

Well, yeah, I just did that in about 3 seconds. I wasn’t trying to do anything amazing, I just wanted to show that it can be done with .gifs.

and it looks really good.

Pom: Those files are awesome. I’ll dig into them tomorrow. I’m feeling really ****ty now, I don’t nkow what is wrong with me, I think I’m getting strep throat…:frowning:

LA, I’ve seen something like that with random scaling somewhere, that’s something totally doable.

Jub : good luck with it.

pom 0] , asleep.

Hey you guys, I have an addition to what live did but don’t know how to do masking. Do a masking from the top to the bottom so it appears that the lightning is striking and not just appearing in a single bolt. Its the next best thing to random which would be absolutely cool. Whaddya think Live, would that make it look more real?