Linking within flash animations

I have seen sites with a flash animation as there entire site. The tutorials show how to linkto an exernal site, but how do ppl link o just a different part of the flash movie. also how do they stop the movie cycling through (ive tried go to scene but the move just cycles thru to it) sorry if im confusing, but can some1 plz help me out. ( an example of what i mean can be found at ) where buttons link to other 'bits’of the movie. Thx


Hey Jimmeh2002,
To stop a movie from continually cycling, simply right click on the last frame of the movie from which you choose to stop. Right click on that last frame and select Actions. Go to Basic Actions | Stop. Or click the + sign and go to Basic Actions stop. When you play your movie, your movie will automatically stop at the frame you placed the “Stop” action in.

Good luck if you want to make the same as those fellows do. But I think that what you’re trying to do is load a movie. There’s a post somewhere about that. You should try and find it. If you’re in too deep, just scream.


thx guys, thats what i needed :slight_smile: . Thx for the help, im sure i’ll need more b4 im done :stuck_out_tongue: is created using 12 swf’s which just load each other into each other. each of 6 of those load text variables from the server into themselves for the text sections.

If you need a hand, be sure to ask… It’s about the only thing that I think I’ve got a 100% handle on now. :slight_smile: