Thoughts and improvements? Should I keep the high bandwidth? Should I ditch it? Lemme know. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

hey that’s a nice site.

I’d say ditch the high bandwidth… they look the same to me and they loaded about the same time. i’m using comcast.

but that’s just me- i don’t know much compared to others here.

darn navigation!! i had some trouble with the menus :frowning:

Very nice! I love the transitions. I’d say get rid of the high bandwidth, if only because the low bandwidth is excellent.

the high bandwidth is too high :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey ya! That’s sweet. The navigation is really the best part of the site. The arc masks really work well. Simple and clear.

Even though you are doing a cool minimalist thing with the fonts. Some greater contrast in font size or weight could really help direct the eye to where it should go next. Right now all the pixel fonts look similar and some important things may be missed.

the high bandwidth preloader didn’t work the first time I tried, the second time it worked well… that’s quite a nice site… I love the colors :smiley:

site never loaded for me

refresh and try again :wink:

nope never opens…I got the black and green splash but the site wont load…

So if I can borrow a lil bit from the Chappelle show Rick James character

“I wish I had 2 hand so I can give that site 4 thumbs down” (on the show he said something other that site)

Exactly why I said, should I keep the high bandwidth?! Might be bad to you, but won an ITA. :wink:

it never opened at all…either link.

strange. that i cannot say. its version 6.0.25 an older version so more people can see. I’ve checked it on all sorts of safari’s and explorers, not that many netscapes, but yes on mozilla. what do you use, maybe thats the problem. i can’t figure out why not, if you wan’t i’ll send you the swf, best i can do


nice… i like the transition effects…

cool site.

your guestbook is mad. does it use php? i’d love to know how to make a guestbook like that but without php. I’ll keep dreaming :be:

yeah… I don’t think you can do it without a server-side language because flash can’t write to other files by itself :wink:

and I noticed that the nav is kinda hard to use, my suggestion is that if they rollover the bottom a bit, don’t make it go back up :slight_smile:


I built a PHP script and an XML script (the xml script you can download off of the site). The XML script is a loading script that will load an XML file that the PHP writes to. Its not that complex, but works very well. Took me about a year to finally get it the way I needed it though, was busy. Glad you like it.

I’m gonna fix that nav. and get rid of the high bandwidth. I shouldn’t have submitted for SOTW the same week as Hugo (itworks), but thats okay. :wink: