Well, I figured I would submit to you my site after I have been finished with it for a while.

let me know what you think. I have made a few adjustments, changed the backgrounds a bit to make them load faster. We plan on adding sound, but we have to get a deal worked out with the band that wants to do our music. Ok, peace. Thanks

Jubs :cowboy:

Great site. Liked it alot. I would mabye have some kind of indication where the navigation menu is. First time I was there I just about closed it and found it at the last second.:slight_smile:

If you read the first text box that loads in it says where the navigation is. I might actually make it pop out every now and then just so people can see it.

OK, here are the first things that come to my mind:[list][]Change your font on the splash page. Times looks awful…[]It really loads faster. That’s a very good point[]Try to embed your font because some buttons and preloaders looks stange.[]Great idea with the T-shirt thing. I like that very much[*]That thing with the white stripes that build the navigation is a very good idea, but white only is a bit hard on the eyes. Maybe you should try to add some colors, give it some depth (same with the white background of the chromeless window)[/list]It’s very good work, Jubby.

pom :cowboy:

Can’t change the splash page because the owner wants that one. He made it. And he’s the graphics design major so he wants that one. I know it looks crappy but whatever…its what he wants. I forgot to embed the font!? Crap! I’ll fix it. I’ll try to work on it a little later…

first, nice site. :stuck_out_tongue: you’ve obviously put in a lot of hours, and it shows. Functionality is excellent.

second, Usability… I liked everything, but why does the menu go away automatically? Nobody (maybe too strong a word) is going to read the front text box…just human nature, we are lazy as a rule.

I would suggest a clickable button to retract it, or at least a button where it says “menu” in a tasteful, but obnoxious way, if you know what I mean. :cool:

My 2 cents… :nerd:


Dude - I really like this site.
I am a big skateboarding fan. Layouts are nicely executed and I love the background photos you used (street).

Thank you for the kind feed back on my thread for SOTW

Good luck - and keep up the nice designs.