Skateboard Company

Like I said, this site has a lot more work to do before its ‘officially’ released, but I would like some feedback.

beware dial-uppers…hefty download time…and even once you are loaded, it will run slow…Once the flash version is finished I am working on a smaller more HTML driven site for those of you that are still using slower connections…

what? no one likes skateboards? lol

I’m not a skateboarding fan but thats a phatty flash site bro, good job, coughsite of the weekcough :stuck_out_tongue:

not done yet, but once its finished I will toss it up to see. Thanks for the support Dan. Can’t wait to see your site.

About the skateboarding…you should try it sometime. It took me a while to get into it, but now that I actually live near a phat skatepark, I can actually get better and excel beyond my abilities. I love to skate…its part of my lifestyle now…not sure what I would do without it…


I especially liked the background images, did you took them yourself. Great overall job!

Just one usability issue though. If I where you I would do some sort of animation to point out the ‘slidin’’ navigation.

Liked it alot!

Hey Jubba:

Wassup man, site’s looking real. Loved everything about it.

Atomic Punk