Load and unload movie

My flash movie has two scenes at end of scene 2 i have load another movie using loadmovie. Now I wanna unload the loaded movie and directly go to scene 2 . Is there anyway by which I can directly jump to scne 2 instead of going through scene 1. I am using flash 5 and both moovies have same dimensions.

Please help
Puneet Batra

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um well if ur loading up into a movie clip just use removeMovieClip

see both the movies have same dimension. i.e. i cant see movie 1 i can only see movie 2 … can movie remove itself …and waht about going to scene2 directly instead of scene1


Flash 2.

gotoAndPlay(scene, frame)

scene The scene name to which the playhead is sent.
frame The frame number or label to which the playhead is sent.

                                taken from Reference...

I gues…

this doesnt works…suggest some other method. i have tried this method before posting for help here


I gues its becos you are trying to control main movie from loaded one…
its inposible… I faced that fact too…
I am lookig into this problem…


should work fine from a loaded movie. Ignore the scene name it’s not necessary.

by using _root.gotoAndPlay(frame), u wont be able to go back to that scene.
i have even tried _level1.gotoAndPlay(frame), but it still doenst work…
I need to go back to that scene since that scene have all the navigation bar.


it seams that i have same problem . . .


Is this a Flash 5.0 FLA? if so send it and the swf that get’s loaded to me in a zip file to [email protected].

The method I describe above is sound… if it’s not working then I’ll need to take a look at the rest of the production to figure out why it’s not working.