Loading Parts of a Site

I was wondering, when you visit a website, and click on a different section; for example from “About” to “Portfolio” and a loading bar appears. Is the site loading a new movie clip or a different scene, or how is it most commonly done? http://www.2advanced.com is one example. I think it is a movie clip, but am not sure.


it’s loading another swf. and the preloader is probably a seperate swf also.

The way this is commonly achieved, is by loading an external swf into a empty movieclip or into a sperate level. The code would look something like this.

loadMovieNum(“about.swf”, “_root.load.mc”){
If you load the external swf into a empty movieclip it makes things easier to manipulate, like changing position, size, alpha, etc … .
loadMovieNum(“about.swf”, “_root.load_mc”){
_root.load_mc._alpha = 25;
_root.load_mc._y = 325;

This is just an example of something that you could do when loading an external swf into an empty movieclip.

Hope this helps