I have a main movie with buttons that load external swf’s into the middle

The external swfs each with a tiny preloader at the start (only a few lines of actionscript), but when the button is pressed there is a long gap (5 - 10secs) before the preloader appears… All is fine when running the files locally on the hard drive but once they are on the server the pause appears because the swf has to load for a few seconds before it can appear.

To get round this problem i want a MC containing ‘loading’ text to appear when a button is pressed in the main movie and then for the loading MC to disappear once the movie has loaded into level 2.

I’m not very good at code, so this is like a pseudo code of what i mean:-

On release
loadmovie aboutme.swf
display loading movieclip (or maybe set to visible or something)
if aboutme.swf loaded
hide movieclip (set to not visible)

Or something along those lines, its hard to explain…

Could anyone help me out please with the actionscript i would put on the button to make this happen ?

Thankyou for any help! :nerd:

It’s easy to action a button to load a movie, then set it to [COLOR=blue]_visible = false;[/COLOR] but are you sure that’s what you want to do. It’s not very neat.

When you load the external swf (the one that takes long) you have to bear in mind your internet connection, server response, etc. but I once tried a site I made with seperate swfs on a PII 233 with normal 56k connection and the preloaders loaded more or less straight away.

Can you show your code or post a fla?

I could post a fla but it wouldnt be any different from the loadmovie examples on kirupa’s site or any other loadmovie thing, as you say i think its just server response times and connection rate etc i’ll ask my friend on broadband to try it.

I guess it doesnt really matter about a little pause…
I think I might just be being a perfectionist :o woulda been nice to be able to totally get rid of it though.

Thanks for all your help anyway! :slight_smile: