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Hello !

Can anyone help me ?

Im working on a site that has buttons at the bottom that load external swf’s into the middle of the movie. However the external swfs dont load instantly into the centre.

Is it possible to have a MC saying loading that appears when the button is pressed but then disappears when the external swf is loaded into the centre ?

Anyone know how to do this or have an alternative soloution ?

I dont want to put mini preloaders on the external swfs because they still dont seem to appear instantly when the button in the main movie is pressed.

Thanks for any help,

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Thats a great idea!

Thanks very much!


this is kind of a hack, but… have an MC that says loading in the center of your movie, then set it visible property on and off depending on when you want to be ablt to see it. ie. on with the press of a button, then off when the swf appears. Or you coulc hack even more and simply have the swf load OVER the loading MC so when they did you couldnt see it anymore, then when they unloaded and the user was waiting for the next to load it would be visible again. Like I said these ways are kinda hack… it seems odd that your preloaders in the swf are not appearing right away - because in my mind that is the best way to do it.


Yeah, the preloaders would be the best way to do it,

I’ve tried it before though using preloaders that are only a few lines of code but when the button is pressed to load the movie theres still a 5 - 10 second delay on loading the external swf, it kinda looks unprofessional… Maybe its just me though, but i have discussed the problem with the head guy at and he also has the same problem.

Cheers! :nerd:

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