Logo critique please

This is a for a flooring company. They wanted something blue collar and simple yet classy. So I sent them this. Blue is their company colors and they want it easy to print. It will be on cards, stationary and their trucks…Tell me what you think.

the a in the carpet looks like [size=7]@[/size]…use a diff font

and facing the other direction with the swirl…But at least you knew it was carpet. So I’ll take this as a positive remark.


It looks really good. I thought the exact same thing as ruski about the @.

Also, maybe it’s just because the white edge of the carpet comes around and touches the ‘a’ but to me the perspective looks a little bit off.

Nice work. the first one is my favourite.

thats a great idea for a logo… I was wandering if the logo remains sharp if you make it smaller especially for corporate id like envelopes etc?

Well… seems like I’ve seen this B4… copycat! j/k

I like it… the font is simple and effective… maybe try making a wordmark outta the font too? Just to add to the logo. Sorta reminds me of paper rolling off a press too.

Yes it does (with some tweakin)…I tried. Its vector so it is rather open to scaling.

Thx Guys

Looks great! No complaints here.
hehe…@…I didn’t see that till someone said it.

cut the space down between the A and the V. also the a font in the carpet is a little large and a little to much like the @ symbol… as was already said :slight_smile:

hope that helps!

If you’re wanting us to say which of them looks the best, I like the one second from the bottom. It looks the most clean and professional to me.

i agree.

client requested…variations…crits welcome

the plus doesnt really help, so #2. is good if you change the [font=Times New Roman][size=6]a[/size][/font] inside it.

Your original logo layout (#3) is the best. The plus sign is not a good idea.

I agree with the plus…But I just wanted to show them as I tried to tell them. To top it off I asked what the significance of the plus was, and the reply, there is not significance…lol

I like #1 also that was their idea to stretch the carpet under the logo…

I hope they go with the original one. Those ones with rolled out carpet aren’t nearly as nice.

yeah the original is better… if you can tweak it to looka bit less like @… but its really good. sometimes the companies don’t know what is most aesthetic. But… its their logo… so they always get it how they want. :slight_smile: