Longest thread ever

OK people, I’m trying to start the longest thread ever written on Kirupa’s forum (I checked an Ezboard recently which had a 1800-post thread… The record we have to break here is approximately 70). So here’s the deal. I’m going to start a story, and I want you to take it further. Fair enough ? Here it goes.
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Inspiration doesn’t come !!! Help !
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Edit : I can’t go on with that start, Jubby. I mean ** I** cannot do it. I have to see what somebody will write. Gasp !

There once was a Frenchman named Pom…

…what the heck rhymes with pom?


I wasn’t really looking for a rhyme…just a continuation of the story…i think that should be the beggining of it…

I think there should be a rule…that Phil has a 3 sentence limit.

And Pom, the Frenchman, unknown to himself, would change history with his new invention. A simple ionospheric powerpack capable of obtaining electricity from the thin air, anywhere, at any point on the globe, in unlimited quantities, for practically nothing with absolutely no pollution and the only byproduct being clean, pure water. He knew in his heart how this would change the power of the world, give power to the poor, and basically unseat the present establishment, causing all people everywhere to remember Pom throughout all generations with big and little bronze statues and libraries dedicated to his name, and secretly hoped it might one day also defang the mightiest tyrant threat of all time, America, long the worlds terror and pinciple energy broker monopoly. But he knew he had enemies and that he would have to outstep them and keep ahead of them until his invention started in manufacturing and distribution to the little folk. All his fears, Echelon, CIA, MI5, Moussad, KGB, Ahab the Arab, Unocal, the Carlyle group, The Bilderbergs, The Yakuza, would soon come true like a never ending nightmare…But he was determined to bring this technology to the world.

I think Phil phinished the story on his own. Or are we supposed to go in depth about the FBI and CIA wanted to hunt poor Pom down?

ya, thats the ticket

That wasn’t easy though. After receiving 10,052,321,574 letters threatening his life, he decided to go some place far away. To take some rest. Have a cigarette. Afghanistan was his first choice. Naive choice could I add. For his real archenemy was none other than G. W. Butch, the tyrannic dictator of America…

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  • Somewhere in the Pentagone, GWBush is gathering all the Intelligence he can to try and solve that problem*
  • OK guys, we need to think here ! That little french sucker is trying to steal the pollution market from us. I WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. THIS WILL NOT STAND ! I don’t give a @#%$ if he’s protected by the Pope in Rome, or by Superman, I want his head on a spike !!!

Somewhere in the white House W is saying…

If he takes the pollution market away we will have no pollution and no excuse to make harsh laws against it…Send in the Delta Force and get that little Phrench ph*$%&# He is ruining my chances to become world dictator…And see if the Vatican has a clue as to his whereabouts…Or more like is they will share it with us.

  • In the White House, not the Pentagone, sorry about that, the brainstorming goes on…*
  • Yeah ! That’s what I’m gonna do ! Send the Delta Force… No, I have an idea !!
  • No !!! Please don’t !
  • Mmmmmhhh… Yesssss, * he said, rubbing his chin*. I’m gonna hire that famous mercenary… What’s his name again ?
  • …?
  • You’re not talking about Phil Jayan, the one people call the ** Flash Killer** ??
  • That’s him ! Yeah… I’ve hear he’s capable of anything for money. Like this one time, in Philmenistan (…)

The undercover indian hot-dog vender/taxi cab driver looks on with eager anticipation wondering what will happen next…

Unfortunately for him, his name is Bernardo, a typical indian name, and he’s mute. He’s also the left finger of the right arm of the Russian mob’s head, aka Keyser Soze, best know under the name Jubba, although he always claims that precisely, he’s not Jubba. Tricky fellow.
Anyway, God knows why Bernardo was sent to Washington on this cloudy day of March…

bernardo…went to court to change his name to Slovakov (i dunno, sounds russian). then went down Pennsylvania Avenue to find a hot dog vendor. at the intersection of New York and Penn ave, he finds a vendor, buys a hot dog and sees thor walking down the street, going to school 2 blocks away. fearing him, uses his umbrella to hide his face, on a clear, sunny day with highs of about 65F. thor thinks he’s another crazy bum on the street and walks by. près de la métro, he sees edwin, thor runs away because edwin…

Unbeknownst to everyone, Bernardo was in fact a seller of Nuke Dogs, A tiny nuclear device of 5 Kilotons hidden inside a lead lined hot dog. And he had sold one that morning to none other than Liddy Bush who not so coincidentily had plans to visit New York that week. Those indian hot dog seller type human units named Bernardo cannot be trusted. Bernardo was really an ex soviet mini nuclear arms developer named slovak. But after he made his connection with Liddy he packed up his cart and rolled himself away, with a deep dark mennacing look aout his face. He wondered to himself just why the First Lady would be interested in such a device, but didn’t concern himself with such trivia as it sisn’t matter. She paid the price. The mini lead lined hot dog nuke was now hers to do with as she pleased. And it was Thors job of stopping this treaonous first ***** before 2 million New Yorkers were evaporated.

Yes, it was Thor’s job to stop her. He had come all the way down from Beijing, incognito, following the orders of the Chinese triad. But unfortunately, as it was told before, he had just seen Edwin, the only human being on Earth capable of IDing him, as they had been lovers 15 years ago, at a time when China and Russian intelligence worked together…

But now, Thor was in the Subway, heading straight to the Bronx, and wondering what the hell was Edwin doing there…

Keyser Soze wasn’t a Russian Head. He was Turkish. Didn’t you ever see Usual Suspects? Phat movie. Sorry, not in the mood to add more to the story. I have too much work to do. Maybe later…i just wanted to say that I was excited to get to be Soze in this story. I’ll come in later.

Pom, I don’t think your idea is working…:slight_smile:

Yes, Pom, alone in Azerbaidjan, begins to wonder if he’ll ever manage to get to 25 posts. But that is not his main problem right now…

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Can I be Doctor Evil?