Looking for advice on a personal site

I recently started on a passion project, https://maththebeautiful.com/blog/.

This is a homecooked website, using django as a backend, as I am not using Wordpress or something along those lines I was wondering If I have covered all my bases for distribution and SEO.

I have a robots.txt and a sitemap, I have tinkered with my site in Google search console and Bings webmaster tools, those seem to be fine, but I am wondering if there is something else I am missing.

Does anyone know of any other steps that are neccessary/helpful? Also what is the general timeframe before search engines start picking up new content?


You’ve already hit the major checkmarks by using Google Search Console and having a sitemap setup. If you are active on Twitter and Facebook, posting updates whenever you post new content will help.


Thanks, I will have to look into that.