Looking for advice on a personal site

I recently started on a passion project, https://maththebeautiful.com/blog/.

This is a homecooked website, using django as a backend, as I am not using Wordpress or something along those lines I was wondering If I have covered all my bases for distribution and SEO.

I have a robots.txt and a sitemap, I have tinkered with my site in Google search console and Bings webmaster tools, those seem to be fine, but I am wondering if there is something else I am missing.

Does anyone know of any other steps that are neccessary/helpful? Also what is the general timeframe before search engines start picking up new content?


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You’ve already hit the major checkmarks by using Google Search Console and having a sitemap setup. If you are active on Twitter and Facebook, posting updates whenever you post new content will help.


Thanks, I will have to look into that.

You can also do guest posting, Post Content on LinkedIn, Create Backlink and Link also Internal and External, Make sure that your site is running fast I Think this also you can do day by day for getting more traffic.

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Thanks a lot, I’m looking into this stuff.


Inbound and outbound will be really helpful too, do some linking increases the response time of your website do not insert so many images on your web pages. This might slow down your website speed.