Looking for Contest Judges!

Hi everyone,
As the Header Contest is quickly wrapping up, would anybody be interested in volunteering to be a judge? The job is lousy, the perks are nonexistant, and you get no lunch break.

NOTE: You cannot be a participant in this contest and be a judge at the same time! :evil:

Basically, what you have to do is look through all of the entries and pick the Top 10 that you really like and PM them to me. That’s it.

Kirupa :rambo:

I want to judge!!

I’m game.


I wanna judge too! :slight_smile:

I am available if required.

if you INSIST :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m guessing this thread will have 200000 replies, but I’d help out for sure!

We are such *** kissers :lol:

talk about yourself…not others…

I’m in your thread, judging.

You’ll have to count me out…I’ve got an entry!

Oh snap, can this be my one positive contribution to this forum? If so, yeah sign me up.

I can has judge plz?

Faster, you haz me.

[QUOTE=blazes;2342727]Faster, you haz me.[/QUOTE]

No, he haz me and my tub of mayo.

Ooooh ooh pick me! [whisper]up, before you go-go[/whisper]

If you don’t already have to many people, I would like to help in judging; I have been looking at all the new headers coming in, so I’ve seen all of them(I will of course go over them again) , and I remember there being about 10 or so that I liked. :slight_smile:

I forgot to clarify - if you submitted an entry, you cannot be a judge :stuck_out_tongue: