Looking for Contest Judges!

Can i judge?

I have not made an entry (Mainly because I wanted to judge and because I was too busy.) in this contest and have not judged in any contests before, so I’m pretty sure I’m very qualified to judge in this contest. :smiley:

if chosen, I promise to be as biased as I can. :lol:

That sucks I can’t judge, oh well.

Hm, I’m actually tempted to enter, but I can’t design for beans.

I’ll judge, if there’s not to many already.

I’m still fair game.

[QUOTE=hl;2342846]Hm, I’m actually tempted to enter, but I can’t design for beans.[/QUOTE]

That didn’t stop me.

I hope all the judges are Canadian . . .

Yer i’m up for it

Heh, I’ll do it if you need more.

Alright -thanks to all of you for volunteering. If you said yes, you are a judge:

seb hughes

What you will need to do is look through all of the current entries and pick the 10 that you like the most. You can use whatever criteria for deciding your favorites.

Please PM me your top 10 entries (the thread URLs would be fine!) by this Friday, the 20th.


How am I not on that list? I volunteered! (It seems like I never get to judge. :frowning: )

EDIT: Here’s my [U]proof[/U].

^ Did you enter into the comp?
Maybe he just missed you

Or he just hates you.

I wil check all the entries up tomorrow morning and pm you!
Thanks for the oppertunity :slight_smile:

Finding 10 that I really like is going to be a trip. No offense to anyone, just picky when it comes to headers : )

I think Kirupa missed a few judges… (But then again, there are already too many!)

^ Of course he misses the guy who’s never had a chance to judge before, sheez! :angry:

I think esherido really wants to be a judge lol

Man… there are a tonnnnnnnnn of entries by golly

The only judge needed was me…

but I’m too crude to do the job.