Lost and alone

check out my latest work…i made it last night when i was feeling all alone in my quiet house…:whistle:


do feel free to give any comments/critisms
stock photos taken from stock.b-man.dk

Looks pretty good, but that weasel looks lost, but it isn’t alone, there’s another weasel in the background. =) I like it though, nice colors. =)

hehe, i noticed the weasel in the background only after i had flattened the main backdrop :-\

Nice work! Very bright. Could hv been little darker. Text is not readable.

Very cool! Text is VERY readlable me thinks! Awesome work!

thx for the compliments…
if the text is not readable, i guess that’s the idea. i want the focus on the “lost and found” and not the other words, u see=)

hey hsadan is there a text “Can anyone here me?” there?
cuz if there is it should be “can anyone hear me?”:stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice, but one pressing question.

Why weasels?


:stuck_out_tongue: Are cows better? :stuck_out_tongue:

didnt work for me

weasel…well…weasel because it was the only suitable picture i could find:(
and yea there is a text “can anyone hear me?” there :slight_smile:

it dont work…

ook it works now, but i dont like the weasles…otherwise it looks really good

Its not a weasle!

It is a Ferret. My sister has two, I should know :stuck_out_tongue: Ferrets are cool, if you find a nice one that doesn’t like to bite (we only have one of those).

Very cool image, but as EG said, your <B>ferret</B> isn’t alone, but it may be lost.

kinda looks like a sick and twisted hallmark card…but I like it!
hahahahha EG----:asian:

You perceptive critter I did not notice the other ferret! hey that snatches all the meaning out of the pic…but ti is still cool

ferrets are cool, as is your picture.

does look like a halmark card, heh

*Originally posted by hsadan *
and yea there is a text “can anyone hear me?” there :slight_smile:

But I think it’s “Can anyone here me?” :!:

no its Hear as in sound, here is like come over here.

uh ok thx syko for spotting that…:wink:

so what animal do u think would be suitable? how about guinea pigs? I used to have 2 of em, probably have their photos somewhere

maybe i’ll redo it sometime, when i feel alone again :cool:

Mdipi is right, it is <B>hear</B> as in hearing a sound. <B>Here</B> refers to a place, like “being here” or “coming here”, etc.