LSA Shell (Export Version) Error

Ok I got a stupid problem that I have seen many times on all the computers I seen.

When ever this window pop’s up saying LSA Shell Encountered an error you click Send error to microsoft or what not and a countdown pops up saying the computers gonna shutdown in 60seconds so i go to Start>Run> and type SHUTDOWN -A and it stops the countdown.

Now that I knwo how to stop the countdown I aint sure how to get rid of the LSA Shell Error and stop the countdown from comming up again.

Also I just installed windows on and today I just got my internet working again and as soon as the internet comes on Bamn!!!.

Anyways same thing happened on my brothers computer I just Installed SP2 For XP now his computer works really good really really good.

Any ideas on how to get rid of this problem without getting SP2?

you have the blaster worm.

google “fixblast” and download the fixblast tool. you’ll need to run it in safe mode with your system restore disabled.

while in safe mode, put up the Windows XP firewall that comes with Windows XP.

reboot and download and install all the critical updates and service packs.


Well I got SP2 and i know longer have that problem so Windows XP SP2 must get rid of the Virus.

Didn’t know that. Glad to hear you got it working.

That will make things a lot easier when they actually release the final Service Pack 2. I never like to install release candidates or betas…I don’t want my machine to be the guinea pig!